Sunday, December 18, 2011

Review : Maybelline New York Long Extreme Double Stretch

Hello, mascara lovers. Today, I'm going to do a review on one of Maybelline's mascara that I bought a few months ago. Hope this helps~

Maybelline New York Long Extreme Double Stretch 

How I Use It
I curl my eye lashes, apply the base coat (1) and apply the mascara (2). I apply it from my roots, wiggling the wand back and forth all the way to the end of the lashes.

What I Like About It
✔ It's available in most drugstores or department stores, as long as they have a Maybelline counter
✔ The concept of priming my eyelashes before mascara is quite interesting

What I Hate About It
✘ As soon as I apply the primer (the white stuff in tube number 1), my eyelashes immediately droop, losing their curl
✘ After applying the mascara (tube number 2), it drops even further that I can't even see my eyelashes 
✘ It smudged a little on my lower lash line

Pictures/Swatch (just click on the pictures to enlarge them)
My bare eyelashes before it's curled

After it's curled with my Majolica Majorca eyelash curler

After applying the base (number 1 tube). It  immediately drops! T_T

After applying the mascara formula (number 2 tube)

It does SLIGHTLY lengthen my eyelashes, but it doesn't hold my curl

It is unnoticeable T____T
Overall,  I don't like this mascara primarily because it makes my eyelashes drop, despite my efforts of curling them beforehand. I feel that the formula is on the wet side compared to Magnum (yellow tube). The primer (white stuff) didn't do anything to my eyelashes, aside from dropping them. I haven't tried crying while using them, so I can't really judge (right now) on the waterproof condition. The price is in the same class as most Maybelline macaras which is under Rp 100,000 (prices may vary). 

I would recommend this to :
Someone who likes a mascara with a wet formula
Someone who already has gorgeous long eyelashes and curled

I would love to hear your thoughts about this mascara if you have tried it. Also, a few tips on how to apply them would be great. ^_^

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