Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review : Maybelline New York Long Extreme Stiletto Waterproof

Looking at most of the reviews on my blog, I noticed I didn't have any on mascaras. So, I thought I'll post a review on a recent mascara that I have been liking. I've already mentioned it in one of my haul post, which you can check out here. So, let's just start! 

Maybelline New York Long Extreme Stiletto Waterproof

How I Use It
I curl my lashes before hand. I apply the mascara on my top lashes first, going with a light swipe and then wiggling the wand from the roots, if I wanted more volume. Sometimes, I use a heated curler afterwards if I have time.

What I Like About It
 It's available in most supermarket and drugstore
 The price isn't too expensive, under Rp 100,000 (I forgot the exact price)
 I like the packaging where it gets smaller to the end of the bottle
 The brush is natural, not plastic
 The bristles are spaced apart, so my lashes don't clump
 It hold curls for up to 6 hours (that's the longest I used mascara, lately)
 It gives a deep black color to my lashes
 My lashes will look longer and more volumized, but not clumpy and spider-lash-like

What I Hate About It
So far, I haven't had any problems with it

Before I use mascara after curling with eyelash curler

After applying the mascara

Dramatic, much?
Overall, I am liking the formula of this mascara which helps to hold my curls for quite some time. It doesn't feel heavy on my lashes and stays on the lashes, leaving me with a flake-free and smudge-free panda-less eye area. 

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  1. wow.. good one from maybelline.. as expected from their mascaras..
    their latest mascara is Lashionista.. looks promising..
    i wonder when it'll be in indonesia~

  2. x3 I'd been a little bit curious with this one.. but still comparing all Maybelline mascara and can't decide which one is better ><

    Is it hard to removed or not? :)

  3. wooow...ur eyes color sooo pretty~~

  4. Yo She, I haven't heard of the latest mascara. The name's cute, though.

    Chino, this is almost comparable with the magnum sih.. It's not that hard to remove. I remove it with a cotton pad soaked with a dual phase makeup remover, hold it on my eyes for 10 secs, swipe and done!

    Sev, thank you.. Padahal coklat biasa lho... ^_^

  5. whee u have such a beautiful lightie brown irises! luv it xD

  6. Lina, thank you.. Yet it's always concealed behind my glasses.. Lol

  7. Kyknya bgs nii mascaranya gak gumpal & curl nya awet.
    Pke eyelash curler apa?

  8. wah kereeennnn :D
    pengen cobain jadinya phan :)

  9. LovelyCosme, thank you, dear.. ^^

    Naomi, sejauh ini sih curlnya masih awet.. eyelash curlernya Majolica kalo ga salah, cm 20 rb di Onik wktu itu.. ^^

    Cominica, hehehe, ayo2 dicoba.. sapa tau cocok juga ^^

  10. wahhh...gonna be the next inceran nih, pengen buru2 ngabisin stok maskara biar bisa icip yang baru >.<