Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Haul : Viva Cosmetics

Today, I got my order from Viva Cosmetics in a neat yellow package, just like the one in the previous post.  I ordered hand and body lotions, moisturizers, a foundation and two lipsticks. I ordered everything online from their website and it's really easy to do. I shopped online because I can't find Viva products near where I live.

Retails at Rp 3,800 (USD 0.42)

I bought another back up of this because I liked it 
I wanted to venture for a new face moisturizer. Retails at Rp 4,400 (USD 0.48)

Kinda like a milk cleanser/ a tissue-off cleanser. Retails at Rp 6,000 (USD  0.66)
Liquid foundation retails at Rp 3,900 (USD 0.43)

Lipstick retails at Rp 9,800 (USD 1.084)

A plum color and bright coral

My initial impressions on these products are that they are cheap and some of them are great, especially the lipstick. I like wearing the darker color as a lip stain lately. I will be doing a separate review on each item soon, so stay tuned for that! 
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  1. mba, mau tanya yg plum itu nomor berapa ya ?
    soalnya lagi cari warna kayak gitu

  2. ehhmm sudah pernah nyoba digosok sama cincin emas belum?
    kalo warna hitam sih katanya mengandung timbal (liad acara di tv)