Friday, December 30, 2011

Dine With Me : Pizza Marzano

Whenever someone asks me what Italians really eat, all I can think of is pizza and pasta. Although, I do believe they have other national foods, aside from those two (^_^). However, since I can't go to Italy just yet, I'll have to settle with eating pizza here. 
Their simple logo
My favorite restaurant for pizza and pasta is Pizza Marzano. I have been a regular here for almost a year, I think. My first experience eating at Pizza Marzano is at the outlet in Senayan City where my friend is celebrating her birthday a few years ago. Ever since then, I've been a huge fan of their Dough Balls.

A few days ago, I went to their outlet in Kelapa Gading Mall 3 with Mr. G and my little brother. We ordered our favorites, starting from dough balls to pizza. So, let's start!

The interior of the restaurant. Just click to enlarge
The atmosphere of the restaurant makes me feel relaxed, probably because of the blue themed interior.

For starters, I always order Dough Balls. Sometimes, we just dine here to eat the dough balls! I like the freshly baked dough, especially slathered with their special garlic butter. The flavorful aroma of the garlic with the soft, warm dough is just a match made in heaven. Or, at least, my heaven (^o^)/. Sorry for the missing picture of the dough balls, we ate them all before I could take a picture.
Pollo e Funghi
I ordered my new favorite pasta, Pollo e Funghi. I don't know whether this is a temporary menu only available on Christmas or a soon-to-be permanent resident on the menu. All I know is that, surprisingly, I like the taste of pesto with pasta. It's not a creamy sauce like carbonara. The pesto sauce combined with mushrooms and chicken, sauteed in fragrant olive oil, and to top it all off, an al dente spaghetti is mixed in the sauce. The dish has a lighweight feel, without it being too oily, despite it being sauteed in olive oil. 
Penne Picante
Another pasta dish that we ordered is Penne Picante. It is a dish that is served in a small, round baking casserole with penne pasta topped with bechamel sauce and tomato sauce, mixed with slices of beef. When it came to the table, the sauce was still bubbling. The sauce is absolutely, over the top delicious! It is has a spiciness to it that is not too overpowering. The dish is seasoned perfectly and the penne is cooked to a precise al dente level.  I can see this being my favorite dish at this restaurant.
Quattro Carni
Dining here wouldn't be complete if we didn't order any pizza. We decided on Quatro Carni pizza, which has slices of spicy beef, chicken, pepperoni, and diced green bell peppers. I'm not a big fan of green bell peppers, in fact, anything that has bell peppers in it is a no no for me. However, I like this pizza because the bell peppers are diced and doesn't have that overwhelming bell pepper taste. It has a subtle taste of green bell peppers combined with the meat and cheese. The spiciness and seasoning of this pizza is well balanced. I like the thin crust that Marzano has, it just makes it even more enjoyable to eat.

Overall, this is my go-to restaurant for pizza because of their simple and flavorful dishes. Also, I just like 'em dough balls! So, what do you like on your pizza? ^_^
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  1. wow everythings look delicious.. i really want to try bad they don't have outlet at Surabaya.

  2. Shasha, thank you. Hopefully, they'll open a new outlet at Surabaya.. ^_^

  3. I ate their lasagna once.. n I love it ^.^

  4. Ahh aku suka banget makan di sana, kbtulan ada deket rumah kuuu, hehehe :D

  5. Gabz, I haven't tried their lasagna yet. Maybe I will the next time I go there

    Comi, pizzanya itu yang enak.. Tipis and toppingny abanyak ^^