Friday, November 18, 2011

Review: Skin Food Royal Honey Density Concealer Kit

Earlier this year, I found my nearly HG concealer from Revlon (Blemish Concealer). However, I was disappointed to find out that Revlon has discontinued that concealer for reasons unknown. So, there I was left with all the blemishes appearing on my face, with me not able to conceal them. I tried other concealers from Revlon (Age Defying), but it was only good for my under eye area because of the light reflective properties. 

About a month ago, I saw Skin Food's newest concealer from the Royal Honey line and decided to give it a try. So, after one week of continuous use, here's my verdict.

Skin Food Royal Honey Density Concealer Kit

A dual-shade concealer that applies like a second skin to provide maximum coverage for skin flaws.

I can't read Korean, so....

How I Use It
With my clean fingers, I dab some of the concealer onto the problem areas and blending them with a fluffy eye blending brush.

What I Like About It
  • The price is quite affordable, retailing at Rp 109,000 at Chic Princessa
  • The size of the product is compact, making it travel-friendly
  • What makes it even more travel-friendly is the fact that it has a small brush and a mirror! The brush isn't low quality, either!
  • It comes with two shades (light beige and natural beige, I presume), which is perfect for someone who is in between those two shades. I like to mix the two to get the right shade
  • It has a creamy consistency, making blending easy
  • The finish is a semi matte look
  • It doesn't exaggerate my dry patches at the edges of my nose and mouth
  • It has medium coverage and is able to conceal some of my sun spots
What I Hate About It
  • It creases if used for under the eye area
  • I'm not sure whether this is already available at the counters here in Jakarta

The brush is of good quality, but I prefer blending brush
The brush from Masami Shouko I use to blend the concealer

More close up pic on the brush
According to my standards, this is an HG concealer for me so far. It blends easily, concealing all those sun spots and acne (given that you use the fluffy blending brush) and lasts a good 5 hours on my face (if set with powder). 

I would recommend this to:
  • Someone who is looking for a creamy concealer that blends easily
  • Someone who has mild to moderate acne or acne scars


  1. Chino, enak buat dibawa2.. meski aq bukan orang yang suka travel sih... ^^;;

  2. Liat di FD si Revlon ngeluarin concealer (bentuk stick gitu) dari seri photoready yah (CMIIW) .. Kayaknya menarik, boleh dicek2 tuh say.. sapa tau kamu cocok, kalo udh suka yang dari revlon. Aku jarang pake conce sih, gak terlalu tertarik jajan concealer... :D

  3. White Lotus, iya kmrn baru beli yang photoready conc.. agak beda sih rasanya, mungkin krn yang dulu kan liquid skr cream stick.. Thanks for the suggestion, ya~ ^^