Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Review : Hada Labo Shirojyun Arbutin Lotion

The last toner I use is the one from The Face Shop which performs well, but I need a lot to be able to feel the benefit of moisturizing. When it ran out, I decided to try out a product that I have been wanting to try out for the longest time and that is Hada Labo's lotions. I picked the Shirojyun because it contains arbutin and I thought that it might help lighten my skin. I've been using it for 2 weeks and here's my review on it.

Hada Labo Shirojyun Arbutin Lotion

It's in Japanese and I can't read it. TAT

How I Use It
Open the cap and pour 4-5 drops of lotion on the palm of my hand. Spread it evenly all over my face and then pat gently until it becomes soft and not sticky. The video below will give you a picture of how the texture of the lotion is.

What I Like About It
  • As opposed with my previous toner, I only need a little amount to be able to moisturize my whole face 
  • It doesn't contain any mineral oil, talc, colorant or perfume
  • Despite its sticky texture, once it's absorbed into the skin, the lotion turns my face soft and smooth, without any stickiness or greasiness
  • I didn't experience any skin reaction (redness or acne) whilst using this
  • My face is moisturized for the whole day, even after using Retin-A the night before. To think that is just the toner, imagine the emulsion/milk/cream version! It'll be even more moisturizing
What I Hate About It
  • It retails at Rp 200,000 (prices may vary) at most online shops, however I am getting 170 ml a bottle and will be using it max 5 drops/application, so I think it's worth the money
  • It takes quite a long time (more or less 1.5 minutes) for the product to sink in and be absorbed 
  • It's only available at online shops as they don't have an official counter at malls
Overall, this is quite a moisturizing toner (lotion) that claims to have whitening benefits, which I haven't really noticed. I think that it takes the whole bottle to see the whitening action of this lotion. 

I would recommend this to :
  • Someone who is looking for a moisturizing toner before moisturizer
  • Someone who has sensitive skin 
  • Someone who won't mind patting toner all over the face


  1. Arbutin has documented whitening properties so I would expect this to work. Also, it's nice that it's moisturizing!

  2. Suki, I'm surprised myself that it's THAT moisturizing despite it being a lotion (toner). So in love with this product.. <3 <3