Friday, November 25, 2011

New Sunscreen from L'oreal

Yesterday, I received a package from the same PR company that sent me the Garnier mask. This time, it's a sunscreen from L'oreal. I've used their sunscreen and have a review of it HERE. As you can tell, I love this drugstore sunscreen, especially the one with the purple tint. 
My first sunscreen from L'oreal. It's great to reduce dullness and brightening the face
This is the newest sunscreen product from L'oreal specially designed for oily skin. Or so the claim says. It comes in a white and blue striped beach bag, which is very cute. Here are the pictures of the bag and the product, rather than me trying to describe how it looks like.

Quite a large bag, which I always like ^^

The inside of the bag filled with a leaflet, a letter and a sunscreen
Just click the picture to enlarge the leaflet

Just click the picture to enlarge it. I've already tried the sunscreen for 'Even Complexion' and Anti-Dullness'

A leaflet and the new sunscreen
I can't wait to try this out since it promises a mat (isn't it supposed to be matte?) finish.
My skin has been a bit oily lately.
I like the packaging! It's slim and won't take much space when travelling.

The tip is small, so it won't be messy when applying sunscreen ^^
Initial swatch. Looks kinda matte. Hope it is.
My first impression of this is a lightweight, mattifying sunscreen that is travel friendly and non greasy. I've used it today, so the review will probably be up within the next 5-7 days. I will be doing a separate review on this sunscreen, so just watch out for that post. Thank you for the lovely beach bag and product! 
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  1. wuaaah aku blom nyobain nih sunscreen nya, kliatannya bagus yah. ^-^ matte pula XD