Saturday, October 1, 2011

Review : TheFaceShop Arsainte ECO-THERAPY Extreme Moisture Tonic with Essential

I used to disregard toners in skin care because I feel that they're doing nothing to my skin, except refresh it. However, that opinion changes when my skin type turns from very oily to combination/dry. I feel that after washing my face and applying moisturizer is not hydrating enough, so I gave toners another chance to proves themselves. 

I'm very picky in choosing toners because I want them to be free of alcohol, witch hazel, menthol, camphor, and tea tree. Those ingredients tend to cause further irritation on my skin and trigger acne to form on my face. 

So, last month, I went to the mall with my bf when he suddenly looked at my face and asked why my skin around the edges of my mouth was peeling off.  I looked in the mirror and noticed flakes of skin on my chin. It was so bad considering I used to have very oily skin and now here I am dusting away the dry, flaky skin. 

Anyway, at that moment, I realized that I needed to add another step before applying moisturizer, i.e. toner. We walked past TheFaceShop and I browsed around looking for a hydrating toner with added benefits. I asked the SA which would be suitable for my dry, flaky skin and she suggested the Arsainte Eco Therapy Tonic with Essence. She thought that it would help my dry skin because it is a toner+essence (serum) in one. I purchased it and used it for 2 weeks. 

Arsainte ECO-THERAPY Extreme 

Moisture Tonic with Essential 
I'm currently using stock photo because my camera hasn't been really friendly with me lately

Toner that comforts and relieves stressed and dehydrated skin. It contains essential oils, whch gives a pleasant scent to the toner whilst golden palm oil provides further nutritive moisture to the skin. Because of these oils, an oil layer is visible at the top of the bottle and thus it needs a gentle shake before use. No stabilizer is added so as to deliver this toner in its purest form.


How I Use It
Since this is a dual-layer toner, the bottle needs to be shaken up to combined both toner + essence. After that, there are two ways of using this (at least for me):
  1. Pour about 3-4 pumps onto a cotton pad and swipe it all over the face.
  2. Pouring about 5-7 pumps onto a compressed facial mask and use it as a face mask for 10-15 minutes. This is my favorite way of using this as it made my face looks plump and healthy.
What I Like About It
  • It's available in almost all TFS counters in Jakarta
  • The packaging is convenient since it comes with a pump at the top
  • Ingredients-wise, this fulfills the criteria I have above for toners.
  • It has a strong floral scent, but it goes away after a minute or two
  • I feel my skin feeling more supple and plump if I use this as a mask
  • The dryness around my mouth area has reduced, almost disappearing after using this for a week
  • It feels neither sticky nor greasy
  • My skin didn't react badly or break out so far

What I Hate About It
  • The price at the counter is expensive, retailing at Rp 289,000. I pre ordered mine for Rp 120,000
  • I have to use a lot of this toner to be able to moisten the cotton pad for everyday use
I would recommend this to :
  • Someone with combination/dry skin
  • Someone who likes a combo product, in this case toner + essence
  • Someone who wouldn't mind paying Rp 120,000 (preorder) or Rp 289,000 (counter) for a toner


  1. I'm the same as you when it comes to toner; sometimes I believe that it doesn't do anything else than refresh the skin and when I do use it I'm picky because I definitely don't want it to contain alcohol and menthol as those tend to irritate my skin as well. This one though sounds great especially since it has the added benefits of essence to it!

  2. woah tea tree breaks you out? >.< I think u shd go try paraben and fragrance free toner. Just like what I'm using now. It's a superb one =D btw I'm going to send the package nxt monday. not much, but yea..hehe ^^

  3. Suki, I think after I finished this toner I'll stop using them again. ^^

    Lina, it's really unfortunate that I developed a 'sensitivity' against TTO. I'll try my best to go paraben-free, but I doubt that it's going to happen, lol.. I'll try, tough! ^^ Thanks for the nice thought, Lina~ *hugs*

  4. Thanks for your review...
    really help me to choose what I need.