Monday, October 3, 2011

Nichijou : Natural Weekend

Last weekend, my bf and I went to MAG in search for fun and adventure. Nah, we're just looking for food since we're hungry, lol. We had lunch at Sanpachi Ramen which is our favorite place out of the ramen places in Jakarta. Yes, for us, it's THAT good. 

Anyway, after lunch, we went to Daiso because I wanted to look at those cute things from Japan. Also, I went to buy those compressed face mask tablets as I'm still waiting on mine to arrive from China. It's taking forever.

I can fill them with whatever I want
A sneak peek of the next giveaway ^^

As I was going to Matahari to further look for those compressed mask, my bf saw a store that we haven't seen before. He encouraged me to go there and we did. It's a store that sells plant-based food, drinks, masks, soaps, honey and tea.

The name of the store
The name of the store is Serambi Botani and it is run by one of the famous agriculture university here in Indonesia called Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB). 
The store front

The soap and mask section
We explored the store and ended up buying quite a lot of items, from tea to face masks. Before I bore you with more writings, here's pictures of our haul. 
Room Freshner Gel. I got one in sandalwood and two in jasmine.

Still contains paraben so I wouldn't really call it au natural.

The gel looks like a fish. You put it in a room and it smells fragrant

The wash-off face mask. It has avocado, tomato, carrot, green tea, etc

I haven't really tried white tea so I bought it

The tea leaves look like needles since it's all point and long

I also picked up a pack of green tea

It's a bit troubling to steep it, but it taste good

I bought this for my mom since she likes green noodles. This has spinach in it.

Again, this is for my mom because she into all that new-age things.

It is a type of tea from Rosella plant that helps in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure. I haven't tried it yet.

The prices aren't that expensive, although I have to ask the receipt from my bf for details of each things. We paid Rp 241,000 (USD $ 24, roughly) for all those items.

For dinner, we stopped by a new restaurant that sells Soto Kudus called Pendopo 21. I guess the equivalent of Soto Kudus in the Western cuisine would be clear chicken soup but with more spices. 
Es Jelly

Shaved ice topped with green and yellow jellies

Soto Kudus with rice

Quail eggs. My fave!!

Tempe Mendoan. Tempeh, a soy product, coated with seasoned flour and fried

Ayam Kremes. It translates to 'Crunchy Chicken'. The net-looking-thingy is very, very crunchy as it's deep fried

Peeking from the inside is the chicken

All in all, we had a great day stumbling on a new store and restaurant in Artha Gading Mall. What's your favorite food?

P.S : Bonus pic of the mask being used.

My bf using 'Bengkoang' wash-off mask ^^
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  1. jadi laperrr... hehehe :) toko barunya di artha ya.. belom sempet jalan kesana, last time kesana blm liat.. hehe. deket mana nih tokonya?

  2. Chino, tokonya di dpn matahari, di sampingnya Baskin Robbins. pokoknya deket lobby Persia deh kalo ga salah... ^^

  3. aweee ROSELLA tea~~~ that's my favorite <3