Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nichijou : Meet Piko❣ (✿◠‿◠)

A few days ago, I had a lousy day at work because my head was throbbing and pounding like crazy, for some reasons unknown. Probably because of the way I sit while browsing and blogging. I have the tendency to lean forward, instead of leaning on the chair. Maybe that's why my head was giving me problems at the end of my work shift. 

When I got home, feeling all annoyed and pissed off, my bf surprised with a little critter that I have been wanting ever since my hamsters passed away. He bought me a male hedgehog. What are the odds of that! He even bought me the color that I've been wanting (salt and pepper)!  
I named him Piko

It just sounds cute

He likes to sleep all day because he is nocturnal in nature (meaning, he is active at night)

He can't stand the heat, so I'm keeping him in my room with the temp of minimal 24 Celcius

Lower than that, he'll go into hibernation mode and die (╥﹏╥)

He loves to explore and climb on our shirt

He gets really cranky and grumpy in the day when I accidentally woke him up

As for Shiro (my dog), she just stares at Piko, probably wondering what kind of animal this is. She has never seen a hedgehog before. Thankfully, she didn't attack him and rip him to shreds, *phew*

She got too close sniffing him, but at least she didn't bite him

She wouldn't leave his side, probably still curious
She just watches him while I'm preparing his cage essentials
I never thought I can own a hedgie so I'm super excited right now. I'm reading on the forums on how to take care of him and make sure that he has the best stuff for his daily life. Thanks for reading, as always.

"See you in another post!!"
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  1. Lucuuu! :3 Landak!

    Btw, landak makannya apa?

  2. Ningrum, makanannya sih sama ama cat/dog food, cuman yang penting diliat fat contentnya yang rendah.. Buat treat, bisa makan ayam rebus (ga pake garam), mealworm, jangkrik, buah2an kecuali anggur.. ^^