Monday, October 17, 2011

Nichijou : Malang Weekend Trip

I'm sorry for not being able to post a thing or two for the past few days. Thing is I went on a short, weekend trip outside Jakarta for 3 days. I went to Malang, Jawa Timur with my bf, which was kind of an impulse trip. We were casually talking about going to Malang for a weekend getaway and ended up booking tickets on Wednesday.
We thought that it's also about time for us to went there to pay our respects (nyekar) to his dad. The last time we went to Malang was (I think) two or three years ago and we haven't been there since because of Uni and whatnot. So, last weekend, we went there for a short holiday and weekend getaway. 

These pictures are taken on the second day because on the first day we just went to the cemetery and run errands for my mom. We went to Coban Rondo (It literally translates to Widow Waterfall) and also went to a few restaurants to try out the cuisine. Well, let's just start with pictures. 

We tried the roast ribs that was said to be the best there

I ordered the left and my bf ordered the right

Here is the Roast Ribs, which has a sweet, spicy taste. For me, it was an average tasting ribs.

My bf ordered the Iga Penyet (Translated literally to Smashed Ribs). It was quite hot due to the green chillies, but other than that it was okay.

We also went to Gang Djangkrik. Here is the Siomay Kuah (Fish Cake Soup). It's savory and fresh.

Noodle soup at Gang Djangkrik.

Taken on the way to Batu

At the Coban Rondo gate

This is Coban Rondo, which translates literally to Widow Waterfall

The water is so refreshing! ^^

My bf and I at Coban Rondo

My bf trying to "drink" the waterfall, lol ^^
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  1. Aww, you both look so happy! :) Thank you for 'taking' us along on the trip!

  2. Konayachi, I live in Jakarta Utara.. ^^

    Suki, we really did enjoy the trip. Will definitely come back for more. ^^