Friday, October 21, 2011

Haul : Maybelline, Skin Food, Masks and Halloween

It's been a long time since I posted something haul-related since my last post is about my holiday in Malang. 

I went to Watsons last week because I kinda miss it after a the brief visit to Malang. I browsed the store and picked up two items from Maybelline. I got the double ended mascara and gel eyeliner. I already have the black gel eyeliner, so I got the brown one. 
The white part is a base and the other is the mascara
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in Brown. It retails for Rp 85,000 with the brush

Sorry for the 'dent', I've used it already ^^;;

Different packaging from the US Maybelline gel eyeliner

I prefer the frosted glass though
Since I sell samples or testers of bb cream, I purchased the whole Good Afternoon Series from Skin Food. This is their latest BB cream which has a tea theme, so it's all about fruit-flavored tea, varying from apple cinnamon tea, berry berry tea, etc. 

I've already tried the apple cinnamon tea during my trip and I am liking it. I'll probably do a separate review on it, just so it doesn't hog up the space in this post. 
Liking the tube since it's very travel friendly

How you like 'em apples? *ba dum dum - lame joke drum sound*

Halloween is coming and I'm thinking of doing some looks for it. So far, I'm just testing the products on my hands, to make sure that I don't have any allergies to the products. Here is a sneak peek on what I'm currently working on. Since this is my first time doing theatrical makeup, it might not look realistic. 
Trying it on my hand before applying it on my face. Don't wanna get allergies or even worse, ACNE!!

*whispers* I'm coming for you............ See you in my next post.. *high pitched laughter*
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  1. OMG, Phanie, that's bloody fingers photos! D':

    LOL. Anyway, that Skinfood BB's packagings are cute! <3

  2. Ningrum, it still doesn't look real, though. I still need to practice more. The tubes are just too cuteeeee~

  3. wow,what did you use to make that bloody fingers?looks so..@_@..

  4. I saw the picture of the bloody finger on twitter and for a second I was terrified until I realized it was for Haloween - you've done an excellent job!

  5. Lovely, I used scar wax and face paints ^^ Not so scary now after hearing the products, right? ^^

    Suki, thanks! Glad to see that someone likes the theatrical-newbie makeup.. ^^

  6. purchased all series of skinfood new bb cream? wow. can't wait for the review.where can i found samples you are selling? pls let me know i want to check it out