Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween 2011 : Zombie Doctor

I'm not usually excited for Halloween since I don't wear costumes or attend any ghoul-related-parties . However, this year, I decided to do posts about Halloween looks because I happen to have time and ideas, lol. 

Anyway, to start off this series (I hope), I picked an easy look of a zombie-ish, undead doctor. At first, I wanted to do the slit mouth woman (Kuchisake Onna), but I don't have the appropriate brown coat and my hair isn't long enough. So, I changed the look. I used my white coat to cover my green tee and a mask to cover the wounds. 

Hello. The doctor is ready to see you now.
What? Is there something on my face?

Oh, this? Is it pretty?
No? Well, I guess I'll put my mask on again, then
 It took me 30 minutes to finish this look, that's why it's probably a bit messy. I was thinking of doing other Halloween looks, as soon as I find a matte white face paint. I bought the wrong color and the white just looks sparkly on camera. Thanks for reading and as usual....

See you.... in my... next post....
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  1. Omigod. It's SO spooky, Phanie! D;

  2. aaah.....kereeeen.....super keren...>___<!!

  3. Wow, You so cute, I like this face!

  4. Wow sampe kagettt .. hebat Step ...
    Gw kira lo lagi praktek kedokteran ga taunya pas dibuka masknya bikin gw shiok haha.

  5. Severus, Kingrpg and Cominica : Thank you~ What do you guys wanna be this Halloween? ^^

    Julz : hahaha, kalo yang praktek ga dimasukin ke sini.. maap mengagetkan >.<

  6. KUCHISAKE ONNA! mwahaha I love your gore make up! I've always wanted to wear gore make up too, but~ of course no.. I have a super DANG hyper or MEGA sensitive skin, lolololz.

  7. Konayachi, thank you, sweetie.. Planning on putting on costumes for this year's Halloween?

    Lina, thanks! Lucky enough the products aren't irritating on my face.. I have tried it on my hand before, lol..