Monday, September 5, 2011

Review : Maybelline New York BB Cream

Hello, fellow BB cream lovers. I bet you're already aware of this product, especially if you live in Jakarta. This product is available at most Watsons, Guardian, Century, particularly any drugstore/department store that sells Maybelline New York products. 

This BB Cream has been released earlier this year in Jakarta, but I've only tried it last month. So, after a month of using this, it's to review it. 

Maybelline New York Clear Smooth Minerals Instant Skin Perfecting Cream (BB Cream)

Our Instant Skin Perfecting Cream is a perfect blend of 8 mineral ingredients. The unique earth color shade instantly improves and perfects your skin.

  • Brightens skin: visible whitening effect
  • Covers imperfections: reduces the appearance of pores, skin redness disappears
  • Moisturizes + Protects : all day hydration + helps to protect skin from UV rays and free radicals
How I Use It

I squeeze a 2 cm diameter on the back of my hand and apply it evenly all over my face and neck, after using my sunscreen. However, if my face is drier than usual, I would mix this with a little moisturizer.

What I Like About It
  • It's readily available here in Jakarta at most drugstore/department store
  • The price tag is very affordable, retailing at Rp 30,000 (prices may vary)
  • It's nicely packaged in a compact, travel-friendly squeeze tube
  • Ingredients are nothing to worry about
  • It has no fragrance
  • It blends effortlessly on my face
  • After blending it all in, it feels lightweight on my face, unlike wearing foundation
  • It has sheer to medium (if you apply more than 2 layers) coverage. It evens out my skin tone (redness on my cheeks), but doesn't really cover my blemishes
  • It gives a satin finish, between dewy and matte
  • It didn't break me out
  • I can see immediate brightening of my face

What I Hate About It
  • If used alone, it accentuates the dry flakes on my face
  • It only comes in 1 shade, which is a natural beige (sort of)
  • It's not very moisturizing for me (dry skin)


Even though it says cream, the texture can be described more as lotion than cream. 

I will recommend this product for :
  • People with combination/oily skin as it gives a more satin finish, rather than dewy
  • People who won't mind sheer coverage
  • People who isn't sensitive against silicone-based products (note that this has dimethicone as the third ingredient)
Have you tried this BB cream yet? 

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  1. Thanks for the review, it was about time that Maybelline jumped to the BB cream bandwagon. In an unrelated note, I like how your pictures have a seamless white/transparent background!

  2. Suki : Yeah, I'm now waiting for Revlon to release a BB cream version, not that it's gonna happen anytime soon... ^^ awh, glad that someone liked the seamless white background.. thanks, sweetie~ <3

  3. It looks quite good! I want to try it but afraid coz my skin is quite sensitive to bb cream >.<

  4. Cominica, seriously?? That's really too badddd... What BB creams have you tried?

  5. i think it comes in 2 shades bcs when i see the product is "fresh" no.x (i forgot) but the promotion show antoher shade "natural beige" no. y (i think? i forgot again >.< )

  6. Anon, I think you're right. I haven't seen another shade apart from Fresh, though >.<