Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review : Johnson's Baby Cream

I know that I have been raving about my hand cream from Kose about it being good and CHEAP. However, I found another cream that replaces it. 

I went for grocery shopping the other day and in the baby section, I randomly picked a baby cream. Why? It's in this small squeeze tube that's pink, cute and adorable!! 

Johnson's Baby Cream (Pink Tube)


How I Use It

I squeeze a tiny amount (around half a fingertip) onto the palm of my hand and rubbed my hand together to let it sink in. I sometimes use this on my arms and legs. 

What I Like About It
  • It's available in the baby section in nearly every supermarket at Jakarta
  • The price isn't expensive, retailing at Rp 14,000 (prices may vary)
  • The squeeze tube with a flip cap is just my definition of a well-made packaging.
  • There aren't any harmful ingredients found in it
  • Texture is creamy-dense, but blends easily to the skin
  • It has a nice powdery scent
  • I'm amazed at the level of moisturization that it provides. It moisturizes my skin overnight! I woke up with soft and smooth arms (which is rare, despite the ridiculous amount of body lotion I apply --")
  • The time it takes to sink into the skin is shocking. It gets absorbed faster than my previous hand creams and body lotions. 
  • After sinking in, my skin feels smooooooooth~
What I Hate About It
  • So far, I haven't thought of anything bad about this product
I would recommend this product to :
  • Someone who likes baby-scented products ^^
  • Someone who has dry skin


  1. I like baby-scented products. Some people find the smell annoying but I think it's fresh and light.

  2. sometimes I loveee baby-scented products, because the smell is so sweet and so nostalgic. lloll

    btw, aku mau beli ah weekend ini, hoho makasih uda review ini yaaa :D

  3. Suki, to some ppl sensitive to scents, this might not be for them. I also love baby-scented products <3

    Cominica, nostalgilanya yang bikin aku beli.. hahaha, hayo2 beliiii~