Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Review: Tony Tint Cherry Pink

I'm currently loving lip tints or lip stains as they feel like wearing almost nothing on the lips, yet it has a strong staying power. So, in this post, I'm going to review one of my favorite lip tints.

Tony Tint Cherry Pink

It comes in two colors, which are, Apple Red and Cherry Pink. This liquid type tint contains jojoba seed oil. It is absorbed in lips very quickly, and good in regeneration skin cells and moisturizing and lifting.

How I Use It
That's how much it's left after 2 months using it.

I apply two dots on my top lip and a dot on my bottom lip. With my finger, I just blend it evenly all over my lips. After it dries a bit (around 1 minute), I topped it with a lip balm.

What I Like About It
  • It's cheap, retailing at Rp 60,000 for  ml
  • It has a typical lipgloss applicator, even though I use my finger or a lip brush to blend out the tint
  • I only need a small amount to stain my entire lips. So, the product does last a long time.
  • The tint is very pigmented 
  • On my lips, it stayed for about 6 hours without drinking or eating. Quite a long staying power, in my personal opinion
  • It gives a natural pink appearance to my lips
  • The tint doesn't feel sticky or heavy, so it's suitable for hot and humid weather like Jakarta
What I Hate About It
  • It's not available locally, as in supermarkets or drugstores
  • It's dries quite fast, so you have to blend it quickly
I would recommend this product to :
  • People who doesn't like the feeling of sticky or heavy on their lips, yet still want to have a bit of color on their lips
  • People who are new to makeup since it's quite easy to apply 
  • People who likes to go 'au natural' with their makeup because this tint gives off an appearance of healthy looking lips

Bare Lips. Lately, it's been pale >.<

Dotting 2 on the top and 1 on the bottom
Blend with my finger and voila~ Subtle pink, but still has that healthy glow.

Layered with a lip balm on top
To give you a better picture, you can build up the color. I only use a layer and topped it off with a lip balm.
Excuse my bare face~ >.<
Yes!! Definitely!!

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  1. That lip tint looks great! It's subtle, yet it enhances your natural lip colour. I love it! Can I ask where you purchased it from???

  2. It looks really good on u!
    Sometimes when I have over applied I look like edward cullen instead of snow white -.-
    And it doesn't last that longer maybe because I like to lick my lips :(

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. your face is so flawless!! more flawless than meeee XD, I never try tony tint, but this look like my etude dd tint :)

  5. Cominica, kalo ngeliat in real life mah ga flawless, sayang~ ini kameranya aja yang ga bisa pick up details, hihihi~ kayanya emang hampir mirip ama etude tint sih, pngn cb etude pny.. ^^

  6. ah masa?? pasti tetep flawless :D
    yg etude not recommended deh bikin kering ah 0,0

  7. hee?? meski udah pake lip balm juga atasnya? ^^

  8. kalo uda pake lipbalm dulu ngga sih, wkkkwkwkw *geje
    thanks yah pan, kalo bisa gw peluk, pasti gw uda peluk lo ampe mau meletusss >.<