Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review: Skin Aqua UV Whitening Milk SPF 20/PA++

 Hello, my adorable readers 
It's been a while since my last product review, so today, I'm just gonna review a sunscreen that has been famous in Indonesia. Well, at least, I think it's quite famous. It's another product from Skin Aqua Sunblock which I've reviewed before, but it's a different version. 


Moisturizes skin optimally

  • Improved Hyaluronic Acid ( AcHA) helps moisturize and soften the skin, making more healthier and look fresher.
  • Contains Arbutin as a Whitening Agent that helps block the formation of melanin so that skin looks brighter.
  • Gentle formula that isn't greasy and irritating to the skin.
  • Can be used as base makeup.
  • Doesn't contain any colorants or fragrance


How I Use It

Texture is a bit runny

Easily blended and absorbed quickly
I squeeze about a teaspoon of product onto my fingers and spread it evenly all over my face. Wait for around 3-5 minutes for the product to get absorbed and continue with makeup. 

What I Like About It

  • It's readily available at drugstores and supermarkets
  • It's quite affordable retailing at IDR 47,500 at Watsons (discounted price from IDR 52,000), but I heard it's cheaper at Carrefour (IDR 40,000). 
  • The packaging is simple and efficient with a twist cap, so the product won't be dispensed too much.
  • The ingredients are not a problem.
  • It doesn't contain any fragrances or colorants.
  • It has a white, runny texture, making it easy to blend all over the face
  • It doesn't leave a white cast since it is a chemical sunscreen
  • Once blended evenly all over the face, it moisturizes my face and doesn't leave a greasy and sticky finish

What I Hate About It

  • It might a little hard to find aside from Watsons and Carrefour.


Overall, this is an affordable and great sunscreen available at drugstores. Its light yet moisturizing texture is great for Jakarta's hot and humid weather. The finish is non greasy and non sticky as well, making it very comfortable to reapply every 2 hours. Also, it's great for people with sensitive skin as it doesn't contain any perfume and colorants. 

Oh, most sunscreens are not waterproof. Some may be water resistant, but I always reapply my sunscreen every two hours, despite it being water-whatever. ^^

Final Rating

Availability : 0.5/1
Packaging : 2/2
Ingredients : 3/3
Price : 1/1
Effectivity : 3/3

NINE POINT FIVE out of ten

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  1. wuahh wuaaahh, aku baru liat ini masuk di watson deket rumah kuuu XD
    pengen cobain ah abis biore ku abis :D
    tpi spfnya cuman 20 yaa =3=

  2. ada yang SPF 50 koq, say.. itu masih blm kubikin reviewnya tapi.. ^^

  3. ooo, okeeee, aku juga tergiur pengen belii nihhh!!

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  5. Kalo abis pake ini, terus mau pake bb cream bagus ga? Takut skin aquanya ilang apa gmn gitu hehe

  6. Anon, boleh aja koq pake bb cream abis sunscreen. Asal, bb cream nya yang ada SPF juga ^^ Jadi, kandungan sunscreennya ga berkurang..

  7. hmph.. i feel a bit stupid for not trying to look this product at the other retailer. it's my first spf moisturizer, and it cost Rp15,000 more expensive at Guardian drugstore, compared to the price 'some' claimed only Rp40,000

  8. Even in Lotte it costs Rp 46,000-ish, how much did you buy it? ^_^