Sunday, August 28, 2011

Phanie's Prized Products: August 2011 Edition

Another monthly favorites, another month gone by that fast. Anyway, I don't have many products this month, especially for skincare, since it stayed the same. However, my hair care routine changed a little bit, so here you go

Oh, I got this cute butterfly wrapping paper yesterday and since the sun is shining ever so bright, I thought it's best to take pictures outside on the balcony. So, if you miss the white background like I used to have, I'm sorry but I just couldn't resist taking pictures outside today, for some reason. 

Kracie Shampoo

I like how it gives that refreshingly clean feeling after a shower. It reduces the itch that I experienced sometimes on my scalp.

Kracie Conditioner

It gives body to my hair and tames the flyaways I have. I like how light my hair feels after using this.

Marks & Spencer Issis Body Spray

Taken from Marks & Spencer website "Sparkling aromas of the sea are combined with flowers of violet, rose and lily of the valley with cedarwood adding depth to this fresh but feminine fragrance". I like how fresh it smells, plus it wakes me up in the morning. It's a bit energizing.

Vivelle Body Lotion

I am currently in love with all Vivelle body lotion, especially those in number 9 and 6. I like how it's affordable, easy to find and moisturizes my skin for nearly a day (roughly 8 hours)!

Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo

I like to combine this with my antibacterial hand wash to deep clean my brushes once a week. My brushes felt soft whenever I use this.

Etude House Collagen Moistfull Cream

I've been battling dry, flaking skin around the edges of my nose and mouth. This cream helps to moisturize my face and get rid of those flaky skin. Although it's a cream, it feels light on my face. It's neither sticky nor greasy afterwards. 

Nivea Fruity shine Lip Balm in Strawberry

Another affordable and effective drugstore product from Nivea. This works like a tinted lip balm that's able to give a hint of red to my lips, hence making it look healthy and glowing. 

That's all for my monthly favourites. I know it's not as many as the previous months, but there hasn't really been anything that I've been loving so much in the makeup department. So, write you later! ^.^
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  1. I'm obsessed with hair products at the moment as well, because my hair has been dry and brittle from dyeing it >.<''' I like how you included Johnson's Baby shampoo as a brush cleanser, it's a good idea - I should try it for my brushes!

  2. sis phanie...waah...kaget liat haul mu...hehehe
    coz baru aja aku beli shampo kracie sama lipbalm nivea kemarin...hahaha

    sampo nya belum aku coba...bagus kah??
    jadi kepengen conditioner nya...:3

  3. Kracie ada di indo kaahh? aww aku juga pake baby shampoo itu buat brush ku :D hihi

  4. Suki, don't forget to combine it with antibacterial handwash to make your brushes germ-free. Well, at least, 99% germ-free ^^

    Severus, agak mixed feeling nih shampoonya si Kracie, tapi conditionernya sih enak bikin rambut jadi fluffy gitu

    Len, adaaaa Kracie di Indo, ada di Farmer's Market ama Watsons sih pas kmrn ku liat. Enak yah pake baby shampoo buat brush ^^