Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mini Haul at Hypermart MGK

Konnichiwa, minna-san~!! 

I went grocery shopping yesterday and thought you would like to know what I bought in the body lotion section. I ran out of my Vivelle intensive body lotion that I love so very much, so I went out with my bf to get it since it is my day off yesterday. ^^

I don't buy a lot, just two body lotions (since the store is having a special promotion of 'Buy 1, Get 1, I got it), a body butter and a body scrub. All of them are from Vivelle, except the body butter which is from Mustika Ratu. 

So, here is my mini, mini haul. ^^
The store promotion. I haven't tried this type for super dry skin. I'll update you guys later!

Vivelle Body Scrub

The grains aren't that large, so it doesn't sting my skin too much
Coffee (Kopi) Body Butter from Mustika Ratu

It's very creamy and moisturizing, but smels more like chocolate rather coffee. It smells sweet, kinda like sweet coffee. ^^
Very brief for a haul post, isn't it? 

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  1. aku pernah coba scrubnya juga, lumayan yaaa :D

  2. Cominica, brand lokal harus lebih dieksplorasi nih. Aku mo quest review barang lokal so far, toner mustika ratu yang air mawar ato apalah itu, malah bikin jerawat. haiz... --"