Friday, August 19, 2011

Haul: New BB Creams and Supermarket Finds

Since I'm currently doing a review and it's taking such a long time, I thought I'll entertain you with a haul post. I'm in no way bragging about what I bought and not in any way forcing you to buy the same things that I did. I just feel like being a rut and wanted to clear my mind, so I went shopping. 

Last week, my brother came from Singapore and he brought me a couple of items that I've ordered a few months ago. I also asked him to get me the Hada Labo travel pack, but he said the item was sold out, boo~ Anyways, here are the items from my brother.

A sample from Ginvera. A whitening cream and a BB Cream.

I'll report back on this BB cream once I tried it

Haven't really used it because I'm currently testing out a new cream

New BB Creams from Korea!! The brand is Kameria
Swatches of each BB Cream
Concealer for under eye circles


Typical metal roller for application

Swatch of the Garnier Roll On

A sachet of ChocoMarvel, a drink to ease menstrual cramps.
Yesterday, I went to Kelapa Gading Mall for grocery shopping since I wanted to cook. However, as you know me, I wandered off to the beauty section and purchased all of the items below.

Green Tea mist from Mustika Ratu, interesting find. 

It costs Rp 39,500

Daytime moisturizer, costs Rp 12,550

A new brand that I found calle 'Kracie' and this is the shampoo. It costs Rp 39,900

Formulated for damaged hair

A facial foam from Kracie. They had the peach, aloe vera, and green tea version.

Ingredients are okay, costs Rp 37,900

My favorite sunscreen from Skin Aqua, costs Rp 42,500. Way cheaper than buying it at Watsons!

Face masks from Kracie, each costs Rp 27,500

Face wipes from Bagus, which is a company that also makes naphtalene balls (kapur barus). Hmmm...
That's all of my hauls combined. I hope this post entertains you while I finish up the review. As always, thanks for reading my blog posts and I hope you'll come back for more!! 

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  2. wuuaaaaahhh so many bb cream tephie~~~ XDDDDDD
    i want go to singapore again, hikssss T___T

  3. I wish supermarkets here carried these great goodies! I have the SkinAqua sunscreen too (got mine from ebay) and I've been loving it so far!!! \^_^/

  4. Hello yellow, Phanie. ;D

    I wonder what are the ingredients of that Kracie shampoo. I guess it's full of natural thingy... :) Does it listed on the packaging?

  5. wow Garnier bb eye roll on? I've tried using garnier refreshing light roll on, without the creamy bb on it and I got millia issues with it! awee... but this one looks promising, pls do review ^^

  6. Severus, tunggu aku pake 2 mingguan dulu yaa~

    Ai, which one you like? Yu kita ke sg~ udah lama ga ke sana... ^^

    Suki, I just found out that they recently started to carry these items. The Skin Aqua is great isn't it? It doesn't feel too greasy on the face. <3

    Ningrum, oia, lupa foto ingredientsnya --" ntar ku update deh fotonya ^^

    Lina, awww, that's too bad.. Probably it's too rich for your under eye area, but not to fret, there are other eye creams out there! I rarely use eye creams now, I substituted it with my sunscreen ^^ Just wait for the review on the garnier bb roll~

    Thank you girls for visiting my blog~ ^^ xx

  7. bb cream kameria nya lucuu, wkwkwk
    di sg bisa beli dolly wink limited edition yg liquid eyeliner, aku pengen bgt brg itu sampe kbawa mimipi, wkkakakakka XD
    pengen nih ngumpulin duit duyu, wkkw