Monday, August 22, 2011

Dine With Me : Mr Curry Grand Indonesia

Last Sunday, we went to Grand Indonesia to have lunch at Mr Curry because a few days ago Cominica blogged about it. Seeing all the pictures of the curry made me drool, thus I went there with my bf and my little brother. 
The mascot of the restaurant

Although I've been here many times before, I never took pictures of the restaurant and the dishes. You can kinda say that this is a long, overdue review of the restaurant. 

It is located at :
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town 
Entertainment District 3A#7
MH. Thamrin No.1

There are glass shelves or display cases on the right side of the entrance filled with fake food made out of plastic. It gives the customer an idea of what the food concept of Mr Curry is in plastic form. They are so cute, adorable and looks very edible as well. ^.^
The usual fake food display case at most Japanese-inspired restaurants
The interior of the restaurant resembles what a kitchen would look like inside a small, cozy and warm house. Even the tissues have adorable characters imprinted on them!
Pans and pots hanging as a decoration

They also have tables near the window so you can gaze at the view
We were shown to our seats by the waitress and given the menus. We skimmed over it and placed our order. I ordered the chicken katsu curry with the original, spicy curry sauce and hot green tea for a drink. My bf chose Oyako Curry Don and Strawberry Smoothie for his drink. Last but not least, my brother ordered Chicken Katsu curry with original, very spicy curry sauce. 
Their latest menu, Omurice!

Choose the level of spicyness

I chose the original sauce because it has a cat on it ^^ just kidding!

If you're confused on what to order, you can always refer to the place mats

A cute ninja cat on the tissue~ Kawaii!! ^,^

Our drinks came quite fast, around 5-7 minutes. I didn't taste both my brother and bf's drinks because 1) I dislike mango (and their scent), 2) I dislike strawberry (don't hate me for it). So, I can only say that the green tea tasted like green tea, unlike other well-known, famous sushi place where the green tea tasted only like hot and cold water. 
Hot green tea. It has Mr Curry on it!

Strawberry Smoothie that has been sipped before the pic was taken ^^;;

Mango Lassie, which is a mixture of yoghurt and mango ^^
The first dish to come are the chicken katsu curries, followed shortly with the oyako curry don. 

The first thing that came to mind when I first saw the dish was, "Why is the plate an elongated oval shape?". I was thinking about how messy it would be if I were to eat in a such a 'unique' plate, but I managed not to spill most of my curry sauce. Although, I would prefer the plate to be round-shaped, for the sake of not spilling sauce on the table. (^.^) v
Each curry dish comes with a small bowl of salad

The scent of the curry is warming and spicy (not hot), just enough to remind of those rainy days where I usually eat something to warm up my body. The slices of chicken katsu adds another dimension of crispiness and richness to the dish. Both elements compliment each other well, especially served with warm white rice. The curry sauce itself is scrumptious, due to the combination of spicy and sweet to fulfill the palate. 
The Chicken Katsu cutlets stacked on the side of the rice
My bf also praised the Oyako Curry Don saying that the amount of sauce on top of the warm white rice is plentiful, hence the dish becomes very savoury and enjoyable. Also, the white rice absorbs the sauce on top, making every bite a pleasant experience. 
Look at that sauce! *drools*
For dessert, I ordered Chocolate Ice Cream Parfait and my brother got the Coffee Parfait. I've always loved parfaits because it looks well-arranged, layered and adorable. 
Dessert time!
The Chocolate Ice Cream Parfait has 2 wafers, mochi balls, small scoops of red bean (ogura) paste, a scoop of chocolate ice cream, and soft serve on the bottom. All drizzled with chocolate sauce! There are corn flakes at the bottom, which adds a 'crunch' to the ice cream. I'm not a big fan of the mochi since it's tasteless and chewy, so you'll have to eat it with the ice cream. 
The majestic Chocolate Ice Cream Parfait ^^

Sorry, the strawberry fell off the choco ice cream ^__^
The Coffee Parfait is a bit like the 'affogato' dish where ice cream and espresso is combined in a glass. This is almost similar where you have to pour the espresso on the parfait (which has soft serve, wafers and pocky) to get that unique coffee flavor. The mixture of sweet from the soft serve and the bitterness from the espresso joined in harmony as they give out a bittersweet taste that adds more depth to the dish. 
Coffee Parfait

Choco shavings on top are just the best~
Overall, I would recommend this restaurant to those who are into curries and parfaits. The ambiance is also very warm and cozy, making it a great place to chat with friends and/or family. You can get a certain discount with an Ismaya dining card, but I left mine at home, so I pay at normal price. ^^

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  1. Omg the tissue is so beri beri cute! ahahah, btw I appreciate your effort on posting my GA on your blog. I have a little something for you, mind to catch me on mail? ( thank you!

  2. Pengen pergi lagi ksanaaaaa :D hihihi jadi laperrrr T_T

  3. I loooove chicken katsu curry, even though it makes my eyes water ^_^;;; And I really want to try omurice one day because I saw it being served in a Japanese TV drama and it looked so yummy!

  4. @Lina: If you're ever in Jakarta, we should go there~ ^^

    @Cominica : Yuk~ Di Tangerang ada tmpt kare2 gini ga?

    @Suki: Why does it make your eyes water? Is it because it's hot & spicy? You have to try it someday.. ^^