Saturday, July 30, 2011

Phanie's Prized Products: July 2011 Edition

July is ending so soon, but I'm looking forward to next month because it's more exciting for me personally. My bf and my grandmother's birthday is coming up on August, so I can't wait. Meanwhile, here are my favorite items of July.

I'll start with a perfume since I've been wanting to mention this specific fragrance ever since forever to you guys. It's a perfume from Hugo Boss called Femme, which means something girly, I would have to guess. Well, it's a no brainer to guess what the name means. 
Hugo Boss Femme. It's already my second bottle.

Anyway, it has a light, floral fragrance detected by my nose, but for a more detailed description of the fragrance, I took this from their website. 
The writing is inscribed on the inner part of the bottle

Hugo Boss Femme is a floral sheer oriental fragrance that represents ultra feminine beauty. Complimentary ingredients form a radiant cloud of sophisticated femininity. 

The fresh citrus Tangerine note lifts the emotions, preparing the senses for the floral bouquet. 

The Freesia note carries the luminous scent of Stephanotis and Oriental Lily. 

These notes are further heightened by Rose petals for a radiating floral aura of utmost femininity. 

Fortification of the aura with a creamy musk-like accord gives the scent a silky-smooth finish.

From that description, I hope you can sorta imagine how it smells like. Notice the Stephanotis flower written in the description?? I googled it and the flower is just cute, adorable and innocent-looking! 
The sheath (kelopak) of the flower is just evenly formed and it's white! My fav color!
*clears throat* 

Okay, getting on track with my July faves, the second item is the infamous SKIN79 Hot Pink BB Cream. I know, I know, another new BB cream, Phanie? Yes, I like to venture and try out new BB creams, instead of getting in a rut and using one BB cream all my life. Life is worth exploring, people ^.^/.  Anyway, I still use my old BB creams from my previous months, don't worry. I already finished the Diamond Prestige from SKIN79!! 

I like the coverage that this BB cream gives. It conceals my mild acne scars and gives an extra-kick in the morning when my face is looking dull and fatigued. This BB cream is able to last for 5 hours without melting or sliding off of my face, which is a good thing. However, the shade is a bit grey for my skin tone, but it goes off after a few minutes of application. 

The next item is Skin Aqua UV Moisture Milk SPF 50+/PA+++. I like the light texture and non greasy feeling after I applied it. 

Another fave this month is Kose hand cream. I like this better than my Kiehls because of the affordable price, retailing at IDR 45,000. It has a creamy texture, absorbed rapidly and doesn't feel greasy on my hands. 

I have also been using Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Nude. It's one of those 'like-my-lips-but-better' color. It feels very moisturizing and the color just stays vibrant for around 3 hours, given that you're not eating or drinking. 

My first Beauty Credit Sun Pact SPF 50/PA+++ is just perfect for those sunny days when I want a bit powder to look matte, but still stay protected from the sun. It's kinda like a sunscreen, but in a compact powder form, so it's really efficient to apply without having to take my makeup off. 

Remember the swap I had with a friend overseas? I ended up really liking Physician's Formula Happy Mood Booster Blush in Natural. It doesn't make me look like I have rosacea. It looks as if I'm blushing naturally, love it!

The brush that I've been favoring this month is the e.l.f. Complexion Brush. It's a multi-function brush where I can use it to apply my powder and even my blush. The bristles are super soft my face loves it!

A non-beauty product fave this month is a stain remover from Tide in a form of a marker. I'm clumsy and ten to spill food/drinks on my shirts, so I got this earlier this month. It has been a help all throughout the month!! It removes stain like there's no tomorrow. 

Just rub the stain with that marker-like tip until it's gone.

The last item is my favorite drink, aside from mineral water, Dilmah Jasmine Green Tea. I am tea addict and have been drinking them for 6 years now. I drink 3 to 4 glasses a day, along with 5-6 glasses of water, so it's kinda balanced. I like the calming and soothing scent of the jasmine and how it's not overwhelming the green tea. 

That's all for my July faves and I'm really glad that I'm not late in posting this post. Yeay, me!! ^.^/
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  1. waw.. skin79 diamond prestige bb cream nya abis ci?
    keren.. keren.. aku aja missha pc dari jaman sma ampe sekarang gak abis abis~ padahal cuma 30ml & sempet dipake setiap hari dulu waktu masih sma~ T.T

    btw aku juga suka skin aqua nya :D makasih ci udah diperkenalkan sama produk ini.. <3 ^^

  2. Yurina, soalnya aq pakenya tiap hari kali makanya langsung abisnya cepet. Skr lagi pake yang Maybelline BB Cream, tapi ga gitu cocok kalo kulitku lagi kering ring.. urghh....

    Wah, cocok yah Skin Aqua nya~ senangnya... ~