Monday, July 11, 2011

New Stuff From Overseas!

A couple of days ago, I got a facebook message from a dear friend of mine over at US saying that the products we are swapping for is here. I only have to pick them up at her friend's house and I did. Since my brain is a bit slower than usual, I'll just show you pictures of the stuff she picked for me. All of these are drugstore so, no high end brands.
Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer in Light

Also comes with the concealer pencil
The swatch of the concealer
Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette
It contains 2 concealer shades, 1 neutralizer, and a translucent powder
L-R: powder, neutralizer and concealer
Physicians Formula mineral blush
The bumps kinda reminds me of acne ^^;;
Phsycians Formula Happy Booster blush in Natural
The hearts just lift my mood in the morning!
The compact has a mirror and a brush compartment

It comes with a dual colored brush, cute!
Left: Happy Mood Booster, Right: Mineral Blush
Wet n Wild Palette. Swatches coming soon.

That is all for my swap and I'm really sorry if there are not many words in this post. I figured pictures are better at describing things. So, hope you enjoy this post and look forward for a coming giveaway here.
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  1. OMG I saw the Physician's Formula Happy Booster and WnW palette while blogwalking the other day and it makes me want them like crazy. You're so lucky! :)

  2. yaampuuun ituh sonia kashuk hidden agendanya terlihat yummy~ >.< review nya bagus-bagus ya itu palette.. senangnya~
    *brb mau cari-cari yang buka PO target* xD

  3. I heard so many great things about Physician's Formula happy Booster! And that concealer quad looks very handy, I wonder if the neutralizer would work on skin redness...

  4. Ika, I'm so grateful to have a friend over there.

    Yurina, emang enak banget so far aq pake.. huuuu, kalo ada yang PO Target, kasih tau aq yaaaaa...

    Suki, I tried the concealer quad and so far loving it! The neutralizer works to reduce the redness! ^^