Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Haul : Etude House *pic heavy*

Today, I went to Emporium Pluit Mall to meet someone regarding my blog. While waiting for the person to come, I wandered around the mall and ended up at Etude House. They're having a 30% discount for all customers, plus another 20% discount if you have a member card like me. So, that's a total of 50% discount for all items, except for accessories and perfumes.

I got a few items from their new Tangerine line and re-stocked on my Petit Bijou eau de toilette. I also picked up a few lip glosses to try out. Just let the pictures tell you about my trip to Etude House today.
Damages from Etude House today

My favorite EDT from Etude House. Petit Bijou in Peach Touch
The new cream blusher
The cream blush shades I got

They have English names now. ^^
Left is #4 Miss Grape, Right is #3 Miss Berry
How it looks blended
It comes with a slanted applicator similar to a lip gloss'
Another lip tint from the new Tangerine line
A reddish pink tint
After wiped once with a cleansing wipe
After scrubbing it numerous times with a cleansing wipe. It has a good staying power!
Another lipstick from the LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge
Such a sleek and elegant design for a lipstick
A purple toned lipstick
Lip gloss in red and purple
Swatches for Juicy Pop

The purple comes out clear.
 Sorry if this post is a bit longer than the normal haul posts.  I'm looking forward to try the cream blush in Miss Grape. Thanks for reading! ^.^

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  1. wow, etude house! the cream blush look so cutee, want it but dont have money now, loll poor me >.<

  2. It's on sale for 50% at the counters. You like the purple one?

  3. etude house in emporium? will check them out!!! just hope not too expensive..lol

  4. Wow, what great goodies you got! I especially like the lip tint and Juicy Pop Tubes, they look good enough to eat :D

  5. DeBi, all Etude Houses are on sale.

    Suki, I've been wanting those Juicy Pop Tubes for a long time now. They smell great! ^.^