Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dine With Me : Ten Ten Plaza Indonesia

Japanese cuisine has always been one of my favorite amongst other cuisines. I'm always fond of their simple cooking methods such as deep frying, the rolling of sushis, and my favorite, udon. 

Last week, a good friend of mine mentioned a new Japanese restaurant at Plaza Indonesia that will be opened on 20th July 2011. I jumped at the chance of trying out a new restaurant, specifically Japanese tempura restaurant. So, we went there at their grand opening along with my bf.

It's located at the basement of Plaza Indonesia, right next to Sari Ratu and in front of the escalator where Bakerzin used to be. 

The restaurant has cute decorations that makes me want to stay longer, as I do like cute things, whatever the heck they are. It also has this frame of the restaurant's mascot, which is a family of tempura. The menu also has adorable pictures of the mascots right next to the dishes. Some are sleeping, some are fighting, all of them are just too cute!
Tendon with Miso Soup
Let's just move on to what we ordered before I faint from all the cuteness. Since they are having a promotion on their Tendon (Tempura served on top of a bowl of warm white rice), we ordered one of those.

At first sight, the tempura looks crispy and I can tell that the chef is very generous with the batter because it has those little crunchy bits scattered on the sides. It was deep-fried to a perfect golden brown that looks very mouthwatering. 

Moving on to the taste, the shrimp was sweet without any fishy smell to it. It was one of the best tempura I've eaten in a while. The shrimp tasted very fresh and succulent, complimenting the crispy batter covering the shrimp. 
My Tempura Udon. Love it!
I ordered Tempura Udon just because I can't have too many udons. Nah, I kid. I just adore and LOVE udon and other types of noodles. My bf has a song about that, but I'll tell you about that in the future ^^. 
My bf's udon, it was Niku Udon or something.
I know I haven't been to Japan, but up to this point, this is the best udon I've ever tasted. The texture of the udon is neither soft nor hard, it's more of a chewy texture, but in a good, scrumptious way. The soup is well-seasoned, making it just the right balance of sweet, salty and meaty. It's not too greasy and is very friendly to my palette. 

My friend ordered the Tempura Hotdog because she thought it looks appetizing and unique. It was quite large with the tempura in the middle of the hot dog. For me, it wasn't that special since the sauce itself doesn't really stand out. However, it is a unique way of eating tempura.

The takoyaki balls are always a favorite of mine in Japanese cuisine. One portion comes with five takoyaki balls, complete with the takoyaki sauce, mayonaise and katsuoboshi. It's not the best takoyaki, but I like the texture. The outside is crunchy, but the insides are soft and juicy, filled with benishoga and a piece of octopus. 

For dessert, we ordered parfaits because we all suffer a sweet tooth ^^. Plus, the parfait looks cute so I ordered it, typical me. 

I liked mine the best because I simply love chocolate. The ice cream is home made, I think, because it doesn't taste generic. 
My bf - Me - My Bestie.
They have over-sized props for their photo booth during the Grand Opening.
Overall, I like going to this restaurant to spend my time with loved one and friends. The price is affordable, retailing at around IDR 50,000-ish. I'll definitely be eating here more often because the udon and tempura is just delectable. 

Ten Ten

Plaza Indonesia, Basement Fl
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28 - 30, Jakarta
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  1. Woah,I loveee japanese food too!!But not with raw sushi -__-...Takoyaki is delicious,however I've ever tried takoyaki with octopus instead of squid one,I got"mabuk gurita".Few hrs after that I felt dizzy and vomit @-@..Dunno why..

  2. Cosme, I can't stand raw sushi as well. It made me feel nauseated somehow, but I'm still trying to like it.