Monday, July 11, 2011

Dine With Me : Fish & Co. Emporium Pluit

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Some of you may have heard of the name Fish & Co and immediately thought of their huge portion of fish and chips served in a pan. However, for some of you who haven't heard of it, it's a laid back, beach-themed restaurant that serves seafood ranging from fish, calamari to mussels. 

The other day, I had lunch at one of the infamous seafood restaurant here at Jakarta, Fish & Co. I first tried their dishes way back in 2004-ish. My favorite is the original fish and chips with their signature butter sauce on top. It was just heavenly and to die for. 
The outlet at Emporium Pluit mall. It feels like going to the beach, doesn't it?
*Pic credit to Fish & Co. Indonesia*
They opened a new outlet in Emporium Pluit Mall and we decided to give it a try. The restaurant is conveniently placed near the entrance on the ground floor. It's in front of Starbucks and has a beach themed furnitures. They have wood floors that resembles a peer where ships come in. The seats varies from regular wooden chairs, beach chairs and sofas.  The color scheme of blue and yellow is very befitting to the eyes. 

The service they offered are top notch. The waiters and waitresses are all friendly, helpful and polite. They suggested the recommended dishes when you're confused of what to get. Hats off to the manager for 'assembling' such a great service. d(^.^)b

Now, on the food review. I ordered the Danish Fish and Chips and my bf ordered Fried Calamari and Mussels. For drinks, I got the Chockie Junkie and my bf got Iced Lemon Tea.
Kawaii place mats. ^.^
Another thing I love about this restaurant is the place mats. Well, it's not exactly a place mat, but it's so cute as it is fish-shaped. 
Chockie Junkie. 
The dusting of cocoa powder on top adds a hint of bitterness that makes the drink flavorful.

Our drinks arrived and I was so eager on tasting the milk shake I ordered. It's definitely not a generic-taste drink for a chocolate milk shake. Usually, it only tasted like chocolate ice cream from either the Diamond or Campina company mixed with milk in other restaurants. However, this has a more unconventional taste, but in a good way. It has that Hershey's chocolate syrup taste mixed with milk and vanilla ice cream. It tasted homemade and non-generic. It was a good and enjoyable beverage that fixes my chocolate cravings. 
Served in a pan, this simple dish never seizes to amaze me.
The first food to arrive was the Fried Calamari. As always, the freshness of the squid makes the dish simply divine. The crispy exterior of the calamari is scrumptious that it builds my appetite to eat more of it. The sizes of the calamari is cut evenly to bite size pieces that I can eat it in one bite. There is no fishy scent or smell to the dish, making it even more delectable. 
Mussels with Garlic and Lemon butter sauce with a side of freshly toasted baguettes.

The mussels drenched in silky creamy butter sauce
The second food to arrive was the Mussels in Garlic and Lemon Butter, which was my bf's. I'm not a fan of mussels or any type of clams for that matter, but this is an exception. The sauce is their signature garlic, lemon and butter, which is also used on top of their fish and chips. It has a creamy texture with a tangy taste, which makes the sauce unique. The sour from the lemon makes the sauce fresh and fragrant. 

The last dish was their Danish Fish and Chips. Back when they first open, there were only two types of fish and chips, The original with lemon and garlic butter sauce and the New York fish and chips with cheese on top. Now, they have various sauces and toppings for their fish and chips. 
Yes, that is an unbelievable portion.
The Danish Fish and Chips has a mozzarella cheese topping accompanied with the signature sauce and sides of french fries that can be replaced with mashed potatoes. As with all of the dish, it was served in a pan. 
The freshness of the fish is simply delightful to the eyes.

The fish is top notch! It doesn't reek of the bad fishy aroma like other fish and chips. The portion itself is huge that I have to split it with my bf. The mozzarella cheese compliments the batter of the fish, making it more delicious. The crispiness of the batter is very appealing to the last bite. The texture of the fish is just beautiful since it doesn't crumble easily when eaten with a fork. The flesh of the fish tasted very full-bodied and exquisite. 
This can summarize how I feel about this restaurant. ^.^
Overall, I am hooked on the dishes served here at Fish and Co. I am planning to dine there more often since fish is one of the very important and healthier choice of meat. Psst.. between you and me, eating more fish may help reduce acne occurrences. So, are you hooked yet?

Fish & Co.
Emporium Pluit Mall
Ground Floor, Unit G-39
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  1. Your detailed descriptions of the foods made me so hugry! :) Especially the fried calamari, which I love!

  2. Suki, I love fried calamari, too!! We have the same taste ^^