Friday, June 17, 2011

Naruko First Impressions

My items from Naruko are here, thanks to OnikChan. I heard this brand from a famous youtuber, Fuzkittie who always raves about Asian brands and Naruko is her favorite. I am excited to try out the Lavender and Marjoram Brightening Serum and their night jellies.

So, around a month ago, I ordered the lavender and marjoram brightening serum, lavender and marjoram night jelly and Job's tears whitening night jelly. 

I've tried the serum last night and this morning before my moisturizer. It has a cooling sensation with a very sticky and gooey texture. Once blended, it softens and smooths my skin, thanks to the dimethicones. Well, so far, it's just an average serum. I'll report back after a month.
Simple packaging with a pipette-kinda-dropper.
I prefer a pump packaging.
I also tried the Job's tears night jelly after applying the lavender serum. It has a thick, gel like consistency that takes quite a long time to get absorbed into the skin. I keep patting and massaging the gel for around 2-3 minutes. This is bothersome, me thinks. I'm ready to go to bed and I have to massage my face for around 2 minutes for the product to be absorbed? It is a 'good' moisturizer, but I feel like it's only sitting on the top of my skin.
Again, simple packaging in a jar with a spatula.

A thick, gel-like consistency.
A warning for those having sensitive skin and noses, these products are heavily scented. I'm usually fine with products having scents, but I can't stand this one. I like lavender scents, but the serum is just way too over the top. 
I haven't tried this one. It's not even opened.

It's too soon to decide whether I hate or love these products. The reason why I did a first impressions post is because I think these products are OVERHYPED on YT. Everybody is talking and raving about it, but I think that this is just an average brand. Let's just see if my opinions changed after 2 weeks/a month.