Sunday, June 5, 2011

In Style Makeup Magazine Book *warning: pic heavy*

I went to Gramedia yesterday and found a new magazine by Instyle. I think this is the first edition where they collaborated with L'oreal. 

I got this because they have a makeup case or as they call it 'semi pro makeup case'. They come in three colors and I got the blue one. Too bad I can't choose because they're all packed nicely in a box with a very lovely pattern. 

Since it's 8 in the morning and I'm just super duper lazy to type, I'll show you pictures of it. 

It looks like a usual magazine from the front, but from the side....
It has a box attached to the magazine that's filled with the makeup bag and samples
The bonuses you get when you buy this IDR 75,000 magazine
I don't quite understand the meaning of magazine book. Maybe they meant  beauty book?
The makeup bag from L'oreal. I got the blue color. I wanted the purple one, though.
You can fit tubes of lotion on the left and cotton pads on the right.
Brushes on the left and makeup on the right
A few samples from L'oreal. An eye cream, face wash and shampoo.
The L'oreal privilege card. 
10% off for a minimum purchase of IDR 150,000
There is another bonus that I forgot to include. It's just a monthly voucher that gives a discount on certain items each month. Foundations, blush, liner,etc. 

The magazine itself is pretty interesting since it features most L'oreal products and how to achieve a look with them. I have to admit, I like looking at beauty products and makeup looks when I'm flipping through the pages of a magazine. That's probably why I like this, but if you're more into style and fashion, then this isn't the magz for you. 

Anyway, turns out my scanner is working again, so here are snips and snaps from the magazine. Just click on the picture to enlarge it. 


  1. ahh bagus,, edisi juni kan? pengen beli ahhh.. how much ni say?

  2. Hi Ephong! Iya, kayanya edisi Juni. Buruan beli sblm abis.. harganya 75k

  3. majalahnya bagus, review-nya apalagi... racun :D