Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Exciting Findings at Watsons Kelapa Gading

Last weekend, I went to Kelapa Gading Mall with my bf, as usual. We had breakfast at The Duck King and went out for a stroll around the mall. We went to the bookstore and supermarket, but didn't purchase anything. We stopped for a while at the Angry Birds Grand Final event, looking at the contestants battle it out on who has the angriest bird to banish the green pigs. 

I stopped by at Watsons, as usual, to buy Nivea lip balm the Essentials, the one with the blue cap. As I reached the lip balm area, I noticed a new sunscreen product from Rohto not far from there. I was excited everytime I stumbled upon a sunscreen because I'm still looking for an affordable sunscreen with a high SPF and non greasy texture. 
Skin Aqua from Rohto
Both of us skimmed the ingredient list right then and there. I taught my bf to scan for alcohols in each of the product we are about to buy, except for cetyl and cetearyl alcohol. He understands now ^^.

The brand is Skin Aqua from Rohto and it has four variants of sunscreen. All of these products claim to be free of fragrance, hence perfect for sensitive skin. I got all of them, big surprise, huh? ^.^ *sarcastic*

This is the first that caught my eye. The words dry and sensitive skin just appeals to me currently since I do have combination skin with a more wider area of dryness and flakiness. It has SPF 25/PA ++, which has UVA & UVB protection. 

The second is the one with the highest sun protection of 50 and photoaging protection of +++. I don't know why it's in a smaller size compared to the first one.

The third product claims to be able to lighten and whiten the skin with SPF 20/PA ++. The texture is very runny, however, it feels very light and non greasy. I recommend this for people with dry to normal skin. My bf uses this and he chucked away his usual day cream because he likes how light it feels on his face. 

The last product is for oily skin people. It's a gel sunscreen with SPF 30/PA ++ that has a non greasy finish. I tried this on my T-zone and it's feels like not wearing anything. It doesn't has the GREATEST oil control, but for a sunscreen that doesn't feel sticky or greasy on oily skin? I think that's good enough.

So, I will be reviewing each of these products separately. Currently, I'm trying out the dry skin one and loving it so far. If you want to try out their products, just hurry to your Watsons and grab them!

Oh yeah, the price of each is IDR 47,500 which is discounted for IDR 52,000. 


  1. asiiik! akhirnya ada sunscreen rohto lain selain acnes yang masuk indo xD mana cukup terjangkau pula dibanding harga PO..
    next product si hada labo pleasee~ >.<

  2. Hi Yurina! Hada Labo suka yang mana? Aq juga seneng akhirnya ada sunscreen yang affordable and drugstore. Itu yang penting.. ^^

  3. steph, thanks for the review... can't wait to hear your future thought about this, sounds promising yah.. the problem is, where to get these in bandung >.<

  4. Hi Lotus! Your very welcome. It's not really a review, more like an overview. Hmmm, I can buy it for you and I'll send it to Bandung? ^.^

  5. yeah i think that's the best answer, if you can Custom Purchase for me :D
    i'll wait for ur full review about this, i dun wanna end up buying all 4 variants from them, (like u did... guiltyyy LOL)
    thanks for the offer sweetie *smooch*

  6. Now worries, Lotus. I just need to know your skin type. Just email me your skin type ^^

  7. how much is the content of each bottle? because they seem quite big XD or maybe it's just my eyes LOL.

  8. Hi Ika! The larger ones are 80 grams (UV Gel and MIld Milk) and the others are 40 grams. ^^

  9. I see. That's quite a huge difference for a same price. o.O Thanks for clearing that up. Next time I go to Watson's I sure will look up for this. Btw this is random but I love love love your blog. Keep it up! ^^

  10. yupzzzz... agree with u !! nice product !!!!