Monday, May 23, 2011

Review: Holika Holika Baby Bloom Moisture BB Cream SPF 25/PA++

Their logo is simply adorable. The witch just made it irresistible!
I tried out a new BB Cream from Holika Holika because they just look cute. I know it's not much of a reason to try them but, it's just is. Period. ^___^ I pre-ordered it about two months ago and it came a month ago. I have been using it for around three weeks, so here is the review.

Why I Bought It
The actual product
When I was looking through the products from Holika Holika, I was in search for a moisturizing BB cream. Since this has the word 'Moisture' on it, I went and ordered it. Also, the word 'Baby Bloom' kinda has a hint that this product may be light in a sense that it wouldn't be cakey. Or, at least, that's how my brain works. 

I can't read it T____T
I don't speak or read Korean, so any of you who does, please help me list the ingredients. If it's not much of a bother, that is. ^__^

How I Use It
Like other BB creams, it goes lighter once blended into the skin.
There are two method of applying this BB cream on my face. It depends on my face's condition that day. 

If my face is dry and flaking really bad, I will mix this with my moisturizer to ensure the disappearance of the dry, flaky skin.

If my face has no flakes or dry patches, I will use this alone, spreading it evenly all over my face with my fingers. I never use any sponge or brush to apply my bb cream. 

What I Like About It
* It is affordable, retailing at IDR 145,000 (pre-order).
* It comes in a squeeze tube, so it's easy to dispense the product and hygienic.
* The size is compact, making it easy to travel with.
* It has no overpowering scent or fragrances.
* It's good at evening out my complexion, diminishing the redness on my cheeks.
* It has medium coverage when used alone. It's able to conceal my previous acne scars.
* It has the right shade when I want my face to look natural, not blotchy (with redness T^T)
* It has an additional SPF 25/PA++! Even though, I use a separate sunscreen before my moisturizer.

What I Hate About It
* It's not readily available here in Jakarta.
* There is only one shade available.
* For day when my skin is very dry and flaky, this BB cream is not as moisturizing as my L'egere BB cream.
* I can't read the ingredients. It just annoys me.. u_u
* It doesn't really brighten and whiten my face. 

# I would recommend this BB Cream for people who has normal to dry skin (not very dry           
    skin) who wants a light coverage and evened out skin tone. 
# Since it only has one shade, I think this is the biggest downfall of this product. The color will 
    match light to medium skin tones, instead of fair ones.
# Overall, it's a good BB cream. Not exceptional. Just good. For people who just wants to start out venturing into the BB cream realm, then this is for you. 

Final Rating
Availability : 0.5/1
Packaging : 2/2
Ingredients : Not rated momentarily since I can't read the list.
Price 1/1
Effectivity : 2/3

Five and a half out of seven


  1. 1. purified water 2,própylene glýcol 3,Cyclomethicone 4, titanium dioxide 5, dimethicone ..etc, Too difficult. :)

  2. flying dutchmen, thanks for partially translating the ingredients.. hehehe.. ^_^

  3. eh...only one shade? I guess that's because HH is a newer brand...

  4. Elle, probably, but their other BB creams have more than one shade. ^^