Sunday, May 8, 2011

Phanie's Prized Products: April 2011 Edition

I thought I've already posted my April faves, but clearly I haven't. I'm really sorry that it's sooooooooooo late. So, here goes.

1. Vivelle Intensive Body Lotion

I am currently using this before I go to bed and the next morning I have soft and smooth skin. I got this at Hypermart, so it's very affordable. It's not sticky and not greasy at all, but moisturizes and hydrates my skin very well. It has a light scent of citrus, but nothing to offensive to my nose.

2. The Skin Food Whitening Milk and Green Tea Serum  (for men)

I recently got this from as I was looking for a serum to put before my moisturizer. This is quite a good serum as it does hydrate my face, prepping it before moisturizer. It helps to 'brighten' (not whiten) my face when I use in the morning. It's a very silky smooth serum that gets absorbed fast by my face. It's not sticky or greasy, and has a slight floral scent. Maybe because it's targeted for men, it has a non sticky texture and fast absorbing properties.

3. L'oreal HydraFresh Eye Gel

Having allergies since I was a child really made my under eye area puffy as if I had been stung by a bee. I got this at Hypermart a few month ago and just rediscovered it at the back of my vanity drawer. It has a cooling sensation so, the puffiness is probably reduced because of that. It moisturizes my under eye quite well. It doesn't have a strong scent. The texture is quite runny, but nothing disturbing.

4. Holika Holika Baby Bloom Moisturizing BB Cream

I pre-ordered this BB cream a while back in March from Onikchan, a seller I usually order from. I chose this particular BB cream because it says moisture on the front so, I thought it would be a moisturizing type. I like this BB cream since it does have more moisturizing properties compared to my SKIN79 VIP Gold Collection. It evens out my skin tone and reduced the redness on my cheeks. It has a sheer to medium coverage but, weightless. It literally feels like nothing on the face. However, it doesn't brighten my face as much as my SKIN79 or L'egere. Then again, it doesn't really claim to be. 

5. Baviphat Soft Lip Peach Lip Balm

I dislike the previous lip tint from Baviphat, but I like this one. It doesn't feel sticky and it made my lips super soft after a week of religious use. I wish it came in a stick form to make the application easier and more hygienic.

6. The Skin Food Base Coat and Top Coat

I have weak and brittle nails, for the record. I can never make them long, not that I want to, but there are times when I want to. My trick is to use a base and top coat to protect and strengthen my nails. I couldn't care less for nail serums and nail nutrition and all that crap. These are the only things keeping them strong and healthy. No, they do not need to breathe. Nails don't even have pores! Why the hell would they need to breathe? Weird shit.

7. Gwendolyn Body Lotion in Rachel Raspberry

I got this a few weeks ago at Kelapa Gading Mall and made a brief post about it. I just love the scent of this body lotion. It reminds me of a certain bubble gum I used to eat when I was a child. The packaging is cute and compact so, I can carry it in my bag for reapplication. It's not sticky or greasy, but it's not as moisturizing as my Vivelle body lotion. However, I still like the scent so much! Plus, the lotion itself is purple! 

8. Bourjois Blush Sculpting Duo Effect

I've been applying blush a lot lately. I've changed my makeup routine and everyday look because I think my old one is getting boring. This blush has a highlighter part so, it's very practical. The color is a soft, girlie pink which flatters my skin tone very, very much. It doesn't appear as rosacea compared to when I'm wearing a coral or red blush. It has a powdery finish, but not overly powdery.

9. Caladine

Okay, this one might be very weird, but I have been using this all April. I had a rash on my neck that itches like crazy and the only thing that will make me stop scratching it is this. It has a soothing sensation and stops the itch. 


  1. vivelle lotion looks interesting! ^^
    too bad they didn't have whitening properties :(

  2. Hi Yurina!

    It's really great for a drugstore body lotion, considering it doesn't contain mineral oil. I'm allergic to those >.<

    It says to have Vitamin C in it, but I haven't seen my skin lighten. When it does, I'll let you know. ^^