Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nichijou : Sweet Saturday (^.^)v

I thought I would take a break from all the reviewing and start on a series called Nichijou. Yes, it does sound a lot like the recent anime with Yuuko and Nano as the characters, but the word itself means 'Everyday Life'. It's a Japanese word. In this series, I thought you can get to know me better seeing how I am in my everyday life. 
No, it's not THIS nichijou. ^^;;
Yesterday (Saturday) was a very unexpectedly full and fun day. It all started with us (my bf and I) going to Tangerang for a meeting. It took around one and half hours , then we're off to Living World at Alam Sutera.  I was excited to go there because it was a new mall and I'm always excited when it comes to malls. 
This is how it looks from the outside. Photo courtesy from HERE
From the outside, the mall looks huge and spacious. I don't know exactly how it measures in metric, but it IS huge. It has ACE, Informa, Office 1, and lots other stores. 

When we arrive inside the parking lot, I switched places with my bf because they have ladies parking. In all honesty, I'm not your-average-every-day -driving person, so my driving is a bit rusty. However, I TRIED to park the car in the ladies parking zone and did it!! Well, my bf isn't too happy with the result, but at the very least, the car is parked near the mall entrance. 
Such a cute sign of Ladies Parking!
We walked into the mall and noticed that the ceilings are high, making it more comfortable and spacious all the more. We had lunch at this place called Steak 21, where they served steaks on a hot plate. It's surprisingly tasty for a small restaurant. I'll do a separate review on it soon. 
I like the high ceilings and spacious walking space.

It has lots of chairs/sofas scattered all over the mall. It's perfect for boyfriends waiting for their girlfriends to finish shopping. Lol

A very random picture. I've been liking owls lately, weird. 

Our orders at Steak 21. Upper left-Lower Right (clockwise): NZ Tenderloin Balck Pepper Steak, Orange Juice, Iced Lemon Tea and Chicken Wings
After lunch, we explored the mall from the very top floor downwards. The top floor had a garden-ish view and some parts of the floor is made out of wood. I love wood floors. It kinda has a comforting effect on me. 
Excuse my bf. He's just too eager to get outside, but the doors are locked.

It looks really luxurious, yet cozy.

Here's the wooden floors that made me want to stay longer here. 

We ventured into the Toy Kingdom where they had toys. D-uh, obviously. I stumbled onto a cute hat and was thinking of buying it next time I was there. 
Life size Lego of a pirate and a police woman. Naturally, I just had to take a pic with them, so does  my bf, apparently.

They had a display of how the North Pole looks like. Only problem is that the penguins wouldn't be living so close with the polar bears, lol.

Here is the cute hat that I was thinking of buying. Should I? >.<

We had a great time at that mall and I bought a couple of office related things at Office 1. I also got stickers for my friend's scrapbook. It was a very relaxing and fun day, despite the fact that we had a meeting earlier. Not that the meeting was boring or unproductive, it's just that I woke up super early to get to that meeting.

We end the day by having dinner at Mall Artha Gading. Chicken Satay was our delicious dinner. See you next time in my other 'Nichijou' posts series! 


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