Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Super Ultra Mini Haul : Gwendolyn

I just wanted to post a super short post on Gwendolyn. You might wonder what they are or maybe you have even heard about them. It is a brand that is newly launched here in Jakarta (Kelapa Gading Mall 3 Fashion Hub, to be exact) that sells body lotions (currently). However, they are planning on releasing new items around this year. It's just a small counter located at Fashion Hub at Kelapa Gading Mall 3 and they have 4 or 5 body lotions with different scents.
Their business card, which is also ultra cute! ^^

Today, I went there and passed it on my way home with my bf. We stopped to check out the products and on first impression, it looks kinda pricy for the cute and girly designs. We are wrong. The body lotions come in 3 sizes and the prices are very, very, very affordable. 
The prices of each is (if I'm not mistaken) 95 mL for IDR 25,000, 200 mL for IDR 65,000, and 400 mL for IDR 85,000. How cheap is that?! >.<
I, then, thought to myself that if the prices is that cheap, then the scent won't be so great. Again, I was wrong. The scent I tried first is the sakura body lotion and it smells very florally, but soft. I liked it immediately! I proceed on trying other scent, which are the sweetpea and raspberry scent. Nothing else to say but LOVE.
Notice that each scent has its own character or girl having the same first letter as the scent's name. For example, Sayuri Sakura, Sandy Sweetpea and Rachael Raspberry. Hats off to those who thought of the name, I salute you madam/sirs!
My first impression on these body lotions is that they are light, not sticky at all, smells amazing, contains no harmful ingredients (although it does have fragrance and colorants, so sensitive skin beware), and it's cheap. I'll do a full review on them after a full week of use. 
Initial swatch of Rachael Raspberry. See how it's purple? Looooooveeeee~~
In the end, I bought 3 of their body lotions in travel size so I can put them in my bag. I like the packaging as well since it's girly and cute. Also, it has a push-cap, so I don't have to screw them off if I want to dispense some of the product. 
Sandy Sweetpea with a pink lotion

Sayuri Sakura with a pale pink lotion

Rachael Raspberry with a purple lotion
If you have time or live near Kelapa Gading Mall, I recommend, no, INSIST on checking them out. The sales ladies are super nice and isn't rude or pushing you to buy the products. The bag that they have is super cute since it is made of cloth, instead of a usual plastic bag. Even if you only buy 1 product, you still get the cloth bag! So, be sure to check them out! 
See? Even the bag is cuteeeeeeee.... Oh! The sales lady asked me to choose which color I want for the bag. Impressiveeee...
I bought this with my own money and am not paid to post this haul. I am in no way affiliated with the company, Gwendolyn. I'm just a satisfied customer, so keep it up!


  1. Hi DeBi! Thanks and welcome! Hope u enjoy reading the rest of the posts. Stay tuned because I might be giving these away. ^.^

  2. hello, just found your blog :)
    oh noo cute packaging! I think I'll have to get my hands on them.
    Nice blog, and I'm putting your blog in this list: Indonesian Beauty Blogger ;)

  3. Hi dsy! Yes, I am aware that the packaging is super duper ultra cute, so cute-loving-people BEWAREEEE~ awh, thanks for putting my blog there, dear! ^*^

  4. Is this made in Indonesia or where,Stephanie?

  5. Hi lovely! As far as I know, it is an Indonesian brand. The bottle says that it is produced in Bekasi for PT. Gwendolyn Indonesia. So, I think it is made in Indonesia.. ^.^

  6. Hi stephanie, i can sell all the gwendolyn's product to you online! With those cute bags too, how do you think? :D

  7. Matulfunny, that's good to hear. Maybe if I want more Gwendolyn products, I'll def contact you. Thanks for letting me know!

  8. Yep. This is my phone number: 08567198219
    If your purchase up to 110.00, then u can get discount 10% :D