Friday, April 1, 2011

Haul: Maybelline, Borjouis and Biore

It has been ageeeeesss since I hauled beauty products and whatnot. So, I went to Watsons with my bf and picked up some items since they are having a sale on some of their products. One of them is Olay's Total Effects which is discounted from IDR 112,000 to IDR 64,000. 

What got me to enter Watsons is a new product from Biore. It might be an old product outside of Indonesia, but it is new here. It's their oil cleansing sheet and 2 in 1 clean wash. I'll do a separate review if it's good ^^. I got the Biore 2 in 1 clean wash as a PWP (Product With Purchase) because I spent over IDR 30,000, so I got it at a cheaper price. The cleansing sheet retails at IDR 22,400 and the cleanser retails at IDR 23,900. 

I, then, went to the Maybelline counter because they're having a discount on their mascara. I know I have found my HG mascara from Maybelline (Magnum), but I wanted to try out other mascaras. Besides, now I found out a great eyelash curler that curls all of my eyelashes evenly, so I'm loving using mascaras now. I also picked up their BB cream, mineral foundation and concealer. The macara retails at IDR 34,900, mineral liquid foundation IDR 72,500, mineral concealer IDR 60,500, and BB Cream IDR 35,000.

I was going to the counter and pay, but I saw the Bourjouis counter and stopped to look for a new blush. I love their blush pots, but it gets hardened in time so the pigments doesn't really appear on my cheeks anymore. 
Just when I was about to choose a new blush, I saw it. Then and there. The foundation that I have been wanting to try. It's. The. Bourjouis Healthy Mix Foundation. Yeaaahhh, babyyy~ Long story short, I got the foundation in 51 Vanille Eclair and the concealer in the same shade. The foundation retails at IDR 235,000 and concealer IDR 115,000.

I also picked the bronzer that is packaged like a chocolate bar. It is the ultimate cuteness!! It retails at IDR 210,000 and the shade is in 51. 
I can use this as a powder all over my face to have that bronze-y glow. Loving this already.
I finally decided to choose a blush duo that also has a highlighter part. I chose the lightest pink because that's the only color that flatters my skintone and does not look as if I have rosacea all over my cheeks. It retails at IDR 145,000.
just click the picture to enlarge it!
Bourjouis products are a bit expensive here in Jakarta because they're imported from UK, but the quality is top notch!

I got Olay TE moisturizer just because my bf loves them so much and they're on sale! ^.^


  1. love your haul >.<
    ditunggu review biore cleansing wash nya :D

  2. Seriously, if I didn't know it was make-up, i would try eating the Bourjois Delice de Poudre :)

  3. Hi, Yurina! Thank you for loving my hauls! hehehe, I tried the Biore just now when I got home, it dried me out badlyyyyy afterwards, booo.. It also has alcohol, but it does remove my face makeup, not my waterproof mascara, though.. I'll do a separate review on it later..

    Hi Suki! I know, right?? It really looks like a chocolate bar, I just loveeee the packaging..!!