Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Worthy Drugstore Find : Vivelle Virgin Coconut Oil Intensive Body Lotion

Last week, I was out grocery shopping with my bf at Hypermart MGK. It has recently become one of my favorite supermarket since it's located near my house, has almost everything (except for drugstore makeup, booooo....) and also sells freshly baked bread. 

As I was strolling along the body lotion aisle, I stumbled on this lotion from Vivelle. I've used Vivelle's body mist since I was in high school and have been loving it a lot. So, I thought I would give this a try to see if it's worth the money for a drugstore/supermarket brand. If you're interested in my review, then keep on reading ^^.

Vivelle Intensive Body Lotion
Just love the packaging!
Virgin Coconut Oil is unlike any other coconut  oil. It is proven to absorb deep into the skin to moisturize and smooth out the skin. It also contains Vitamin C to brighten the skin. Feel the difference after using it! Skin feels moisturized, smooth and not greasy.

Use on skin every day to maintain beautiful skin, especially on the dry areas such as the elbows, heels and knees.

It's probably the dimethicone that helps smoothen the skin
Virgin Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin C Ascorbate, Glyceril Stearate SE, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Cyclomethicone, Carbomer, Parfume, Butyl Paraben, Ethyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Phenoxy Ethanol, Triethanolamine, Water

How I Use It
I squeeze out a 3 cm diameter and applied it to my arm. I'll repeat the same process for the other arm and legs.
It blends nicely, giving a dewy finish to my skin.
What I Like About It 
  • It's available in most supermarket here in Jakarta. I saw one in Sogo Food Hall Kelapa Gading as well.
  • The price is very, very affordable at IDR 13,500 (prices may vary at different supermarkets).
  • There are three versions of this product. For normal skin, dry skin, and very dry skin. I got mine in dry skin.
  • The packaging is very well thought of. The opening of the cap is located at the bottom when it is placed vertically. This way, the product will always come down as gravity intended them to, so I won’t have to wait forever when it is running out.
A flip cap. Just love it.
  • The ingredients are all safe and don’t contain mineral oil, despite the cheap price. Usually, cheap body lotions at the supermarket aisle contain mineral oil as one of their ingredients.
  •  The texture itself is a white, creamy lotion that feel lightweight once applied
  • It has a citrus-y scent that smells fresh.
  • It gets absorbed by my skin quite fast.
  • It doesn’t leave a greasy finish.
  • It moisturizes my skin for around 6 hours. Afterwards, I need to reapply to have a moisturized skin.

What I Hate About It
  • It doesn't contain any sunscreen ingredients.
  • It only comes in one size. It would have been nice to have a bigger packaging with pump like Vaseline’s.
  • Even though I like the scent, but I wish they would've just eliminated the scent so people with sensitive skin has a higher chances of not developing a reaction when trying this on. 
I'm impressed at how this product is affordable and effective at the same time. It has to be one of the most amazing drugstore lotions that doesn't contain mineral oil. There are still parabens, but I'm not against it. So, be sure to check it out and try it! ^.^

Availability : 1/1
Packaging   : 2/2
Ingredients : 3/3
Price             : 1/1
Effectivity    : 3/3 

TEN out of ten

Friday, April 15, 2011

About Me Tag

I was watching YT and saw this tag done by clothesencounters, check out their channel if you haven't. They provide fashion styles and tips on how to dress up your outfit, etc. In short, they're awesome. I decided to do this tag so that my readers out there know who is the girl behind all these product reviews. Let's start!

By the way, I tag all of you to do this tag!

Question Time
1. How old are you?
> I'm 26 years old. 

2. What's your middle name?
> I don't have a middle name according to my birth certificate. My last name is Nangoi, though if you must know ^.^

3. What nationality are you?
> I'm 100% Indonesian! Hidup Indonesia! \(^.^)/

4. How tall are you?
> Hmm.. I'm short, 162 cm.

5. Favorite subject in school?
> Back in high school, it would be biology. If it's back in uni, it would be Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. ^.^

6. Favorite song at the moment?
> It would have to be Aqua Timez - Chiisana Tenohira. Western song would be Mindy Gledhill - All About Your Heart.

7. My super power would be....
> To be invisible, FTW! such as cliche isn't it? 

8. What makeup products do you usually use?
> Like, on a day-to-day basis? I usually wear BB creams, mascara, blush and tinted lip balm. Sometimes, an eyeliner just to tightline.

9. Favorite book?
> Kahlil Gibran - The Prophet, The Original Beauty Bible by Paula Begoun and The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

10. Favorite Perfume
> Aigner Too Feminine, Gucci Eau de Parfum II

11. Have you been out of the country? How many times?
> I've only been to Singapore and Melbourne (for my studies). A couple of times to Singapore. I'm not into travelling, really. 

12. Do you speak any languages?
> Apart from my mother language, which is Indonesia, I speak English quite fluently and a very tiny little bit of Japanese. If you count Manadonese language, then yeah, I do speak Manado. "Kitorang samua basodara, brur!" ^.^

13. Any siblings?
> Yes, I have a little brother who's 5 years younger than me. He's in Singapore right now, miss him lots. T^T

14. Favorite store to shop?
> Off the top of my head, WATSONS! For clothes, I love to shop at X to X clothing since I am a BIG girl.

15. Favorite pizza topping?
> Cheeeeeseeeeeee with pepperoni and smoked chicken and mushrooms. 

16. Favorite blogger?
> From the list that I'm following? It would have to be Mapple's blog. She reviews products like me, but with pictures and easily understandable words. Check her out here
Also, Onik's blog here.

17. Favorite movie?
> Fight Club

18. Favorite TV Show?
> How I Met Your Mother

19. PC or MAC?
> PC, ftw. Never been a MAC person, sorry Jobs. 

20. Any pets?
> Yes, I have a puppy. Her name is Shiro, which means white in Japanese. I also have a turtle.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Caved.. You Win, WRP.

FTC: I bought everything with my own money. I am not paid by WRP or any other companies to post this. This is my own, humble and honest opinion on the product. 

Yes, I finally decided to go on a diet. Not because I have no more clothes to wear, in fact, I just bought 4 tops from X to X clothing. Urgh, the timing I chose to go on a diet.. Well, the reason I finally stepped up to go on a diet is because I wanted to see whether I can actually do it. I don't have a large target of actually dropping 10-20 kg, but only a mini-goal. My mini goal is to actually replace my dinner for this whole week with WRP Milk that only contains 200 kcal per serving of 250 mL. Yes, that may sound stupid, but believe me, I have to do this. Why?

It's because I have the WORST habit of them all. I like to eat at 8-9 p.m. and usually it is fast foods. That is why I decided to change small things from my eating pattern. 

Why did I choose WRP?
I'm not really into counting all those calories if I have to make the food from scratch. I prefer to have meal replacements like ones from WRP, Entrasol, etc since the calories has already been counted/meal. I have already tried WRP's Diet To Go for breakfast as I head to the office and liked it. It's easy to consume and already has the written calories. Thus, I decided to continue consuming WRP to get my body used to lesser calories. 
If you need more info, just go to their site. 
Then, what did I finally caved to, you might ask? Well, I caved and bought this huge sized baby that I have been wanting to try for a while.
I finally have you in my arms, baby. Don't leave me.
I bought this at Sogo Food Hall Kelapa Gading Mall which retails at IDR 127,000 (prices may vary). It is a set from WRP that will last for 6 days and you are supposed to see a difference in your weight. 
Here is the diet plan that they give you.
Here is the list of ingredients just to make sure that you are not allergic to any of it before you decide to go on this diet. 
Ingredients for both milk and cookies
It has 6 slots  that contains meal replacement for morning and night. Plus, chocolate chip cookie snacks to be eaten at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. I like their diet plan since I do have cravings in the evenings and night time. Also, they taste good!
Diet supply for a week. Well, technically, 6 days.
Each meal replacement (milk) has 200 kcal and the cookies has 200 kcal per sachet. I don't understand how it can be added up to 600 kcal for milk and cookies. Sounds like Santa eating milk and cookies, just not at the same time. 
I don't see how it adds up to 600 kcal. If 2 sachet of milk is 200 kcal and 1 sachet of cookies is 200 kcal, then 4 sachet of milk and 2 sachet of cookies should be 800 kcal. Or am I wrong? 

How they are individually packed into the slots

The contents for each day
I will keep you updated with my diet for the rest of the week, so please excuse me if the timeline is fillllleeeeddd with updates of how my diet is going. So, wish me luck! I'll see you in my next posts. Later!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Super Ultra Mini Haul : Gwendolyn

I just wanted to post a super short post on Gwendolyn. You might wonder what they are or maybe you have even heard about them. It is a brand that is newly launched here in Jakarta (Kelapa Gading Mall 3 Fashion Hub, to be exact) that sells body lotions (currently). However, they are planning on releasing new items around this year. It's just a small counter located at Fashion Hub at Kelapa Gading Mall 3 and they have 4 or 5 body lotions with different scents.
Their business card, which is also ultra cute! ^^

Today, I went there and passed it on my way home with my bf. We stopped to check out the products and on first impression, it looks kinda pricy for the cute and girly designs. We are wrong. The body lotions come in 3 sizes and the prices are very, very, very affordable. 
The prices of each is (if I'm not mistaken) 95 mL for IDR 25,000, 200 mL for IDR 65,000, and 400 mL for IDR 85,000. How cheap is that?! >.<
I, then, thought to myself that if the prices is that cheap, then the scent won't be so great. Again, I was wrong. The scent I tried first is the sakura body lotion and it smells very florally, but soft. I liked it immediately! I proceed on trying other scent, which are the sweetpea and raspberry scent. Nothing else to say but LOVE.
Notice that each scent has its own character or girl having the same first letter as the scent's name. For example, Sayuri Sakura, Sandy Sweetpea and Rachael Raspberry. Hats off to those who thought of the name, I salute you madam/sirs!
My first impression on these body lotions is that they are light, not sticky at all, smells amazing, contains no harmful ingredients (although it does have fragrance and colorants, so sensitive skin beware), and it's cheap. I'll do a full review on them after a full week of use. 
Initial swatch of Rachael Raspberry. See how it's purple? Looooooveeeee~~
In the end, I bought 3 of their body lotions in travel size so I can put them in my bag. I like the packaging as well since it's girly and cute. Also, it has a push-cap, so I don't have to screw them off if I want to dispense some of the product. 
Sandy Sweetpea with a pink lotion

Sayuri Sakura with a pale pink lotion

Rachael Raspberry with a purple lotion
If you have time or live near Kelapa Gading Mall, I recommend, no, INSIST on checking them out. The sales ladies are super nice and isn't rude or pushing you to buy the products. The bag that they have is super cute since it is made of cloth, instead of a usual plastic bag. Even if you only buy 1 product, you still get the cloth bag! So, be sure to check them out! 
See? Even the bag is cuteeeeeeee.... Oh! The sales lady asked me to choose which color I want for the bag. Impressiveeee...
I bought this with my own money and am not paid to post this haul. I am in no way affiliated with the company, Gwendolyn. I'm just a satisfied customer, so keep it up!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Phanie's Prized Products: March 2011 Edition

Hi, guys! I hope I'm not that late with my March faves, but if I am, then I'm sorry ^^. Well, this month has been a month of discovering several makeup faves that are frankly becoming my HG items. Let's just start.

1. Ponds Flawless White Deep Whitening Facial Foam
I am someone who wouldn't really invest all that much money on a cleanser. I'll put my money on serums and sunscreens, but never cleansers.  Why? It's because the only purpose of a cleanser is to just clean the skin from dirt and grime. It doesn't need to be a sophisticated one that prevents me from aging, one that gives me sun protections, one that reduces all of my blemishes or one that claims to be able to clean deep into my pores. No. I just need a good cleanser that wipes away all of my excess oil, dirt, grime, makeup and all that nasty things. 

I got this at my local supermarket and retails at around IDR 35,000-ish. It depends on your supermarket though. I like that it cleanses my skin really well and it contains tiny microgranules that helps to exfoliate the flaky skin I have lying on my face, resulting in a smooth and brighter face. Plus, it's cheap!

2. Kiehls Ultimate Strength Hand Salve
I got this in the beginning of March and has been loving it ever since. It is one of the fastest drying hand creams there is out there. It gives enough moisture to my hands since I do work in an air-conditioned environment, so this keeps my hands moist and smooth. 

3. Estee Lauder Cyber White Extra Brightening Eye Cream SPF 15/PA +
I like this eye cream just because it contains sunscreen ingredients and when it's used around my eyes, it doesn't sting at all. I love to have an extra sun protection on my face, especially around my eyes, since I can slow the process of developing crow's feet. It's a great eye cream, very moisturizing and feels very light under my eye area. 

4. Bourjois Blush in 54 Rose Frisson

I was looking for a powder blush since I'm getting lazier to apply cream blushes. So, I went to Bourjois and picked up the little pot blushes. The color I got is a light pink because I like lighter colors, so that I can wear a blush without looking like I have rosacea all over my cheeks. This blush applies well with a blush brush from e.l.f on the apples of my cheeks. 

5. Maybelline The Magnum Volum'Express Waterproof

This is how curled it looks like. I love it!
This has been one of my most favourite item this month. It holds my curl all day when I used it last week for my cousin's wedding. I applied it at 11 a.m. and it stayed that way until 10 p.m. when I took it off with a makeup remover. It's amazing! It dries fast, waterproof, easy to find at most Maybelline counters and cheap. It has a dry formula, so it doesn't weigh my lashes down. Booyah, gravity!!

6. L'oreal Paris White Perfect Re-Lighting Whitening Gentle Moisturizing Day Cream SPF 20/PA +++
I got this at Hypermart Kemayoran for around IDR 100,000. Since I am having dry, flaky skin, I opted for the cream type. I tried it out for a whole month and it solved my dry skin problem in an instant! It's creamy, yet has a runny texture. As for whitening my face, I didn't really see that, but it has an amazing sunscreen ingredient! 

7. PIXY UV Whitening Gentle Cleansing Express
I have already reviewed this item HERE. It takes off makeup, doesn't sting my face, alcohol free and cheap.

8. Maybelline Makeup Remover Eye and Lip
This has become my HG eye makeup remover. It's a dual phase product where you have to mix it to incorporate the whole thing. It doesn't sting my eyes and takes off waterproof mascara easily. 

9. Oriflame Ecollagen Eye Cream
I know, I know. Eye creams are gimmicks, but lately since I'm back on Retin-A, my under eye area has been dry and usual lotion doesn't hydrate it enough. So, I got this product because it's packaged in a squeeze tube, instead of a jar. I don't quite like jar packagings. 

10. Gucci Eau de Parfum II
My bestie got this for me as a birthday present. I love this scent and since I'm really bad at describing scents, here is the description on the Gucci website. 
  • top note of blackcurrant
  • heart note of jasmine
  • base note of sandalwood

Review: Biore 2 in 1 Cleansing Wash

Okay, first off. I know I have only used this once, so this review may not be the best one out there, but I'm still gonna do it anyway. I couldn't bear the thought of using it for a whole week to be able to review it. So, it's up to you whether you still want to read this particular review, I'm not forcing you to ^^. Again, this is just my opinion, so, don't bash me on it, 'kay? Let's all be civilized and more open-minded, is just what I'm sayin'. Yeah, I'll stop with the cheesy intro now and start the review. 

Biore 2 in 1 Cleansing Wash

Combining a makeup remover and face cleanser in one easy step. It's a liquid that's easily foam-able, easy to rinse off and not sticky.

Feel the comfort of removing makeup; foundation, sunscreen, base makeup and also dirt and grime with one single, easy step! There is no need to wash repeatedly to get a fresh and clean face.

  • Protects the skin from hazardous particles with green tea extracts and rosemary extracts.
  • Moisturizes the skin with a build in moisturizer.
  • Prevent the skin from looking dull from the excess makeup build up
Water, Myristic Acid, Glycerin, Decul Glucoside, PPG-7-Buteth-4, Lauric Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Glycol Distearate, Lauramidopropyl Betaine, Alcohol, Fragrance, BHT, Etidronic Acid, Polyquaternium-7, Butylene Glycol, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract.

I personally don't want to have alcohol as one of the ingredients in my skin care or makeup products. Aside from the fact that they sting my face, they dry my skin out severely and I've read that alcohol can break down the quantity of collagen and elastin in the skin. That, ladies, can lead to premature wrinkles and saggy face. I don't want that! Again, I'm not forcing everyone to stop using alcohol-based products immediately. No, no, no. Everyone has their own choice and opinions, mine is to simply stop using alcohol-containing products.

How I Use It

I squeeze about a half a teaspoon of product on the palm of my hand. 

I, then, add a touch of water and rubbed my hands to create a foam. Afterwards, I just apply it to my face in circular motion all over my face.

What I Like About It
  • It's readily available in Jakarta at Watsons
  • It's cheap as it retails around the IDR 30,000 range
  • The packaging is efficient with the flip-cap top
  • It foams up easily 
  • I'm not typically someone who likes scented products, but I like this floral scent in this product.
  • It removes all of my face makeup (foundation, blush and bronzer)
What I Hate About It
  • It contains ALCOHOL. 
  • The green tea leaf and rosemary extracts are the last two ingredients in the list. I think it wouldn't be as protective as it claims since it is waaaayyy down the list.
  • It stings my face, especially around the edges of my mouth and nose.
  • It dries out my face after I wiped my face dry.
  • I know I like the scent, but I wish it doesn't have one because products are just better off scentless. It's better for the skin as well ^^.
  • It doesn't remove my waterproof mascara. Plus, I tried washing of my eye area and it just stings.
This is a hard product since I do like how it takes off all of my face makeup (which is the type of makeup I usually use) without any difficulties. However, since it does contain ALCOHOL, I have to put this in my BAD LIST, boo hoo T^T. 

Also, I don't think the green tea and rosemary extracts will do anything for the skin because it is positioned as the last two ingredients. Typically, the farther down and ingredients is placed in the ingredients list, the less their quantity is in that product. So, with that theory I would say that it might not be enough to act as an active ingredient.

I wouldn't recommend this to people with sensitive skin because it does contain alcohol and fragrance. Those two ingredients are usually an enemy for people with sensitive skin.

Final Rating
Availability : 1/1
Packaging   : 2/2
Ingredients : 0/3 --> point deduction for the scent, the alcohol and the stinging sensation.
Price             : 1/1
Effectivity    : 2/3 --> point deduction for not being able to remove eye makeup

SIX out of ten

Friday, April 1, 2011

Haul: Maybelline, Borjouis and Biore

It has been ageeeeesss since I hauled beauty products and whatnot. So, I went to Watsons with my bf and picked up some items since they are having a sale on some of their products. One of them is Olay's Total Effects which is discounted from IDR 112,000 to IDR 64,000. 

What got me to enter Watsons is a new product from Biore. It might be an old product outside of Indonesia, but it is new here. It's their oil cleansing sheet and 2 in 1 clean wash. I'll do a separate review if it's good ^^. I got the Biore 2 in 1 clean wash as a PWP (Product With Purchase) because I spent over IDR 30,000, so I got it at a cheaper price. The cleansing sheet retails at IDR 22,400 and the cleanser retails at IDR 23,900. 

I, then, went to the Maybelline counter because they're having a discount on their mascara. I know I have found my HG mascara from Maybelline (Magnum), but I wanted to try out other mascaras. Besides, now I found out a great eyelash curler that curls all of my eyelashes evenly, so I'm loving using mascaras now. I also picked up their BB cream, mineral foundation and concealer. The macara retails at IDR 34,900, mineral liquid foundation IDR 72,500, mineral concealer IDR 60,500, and BB Cream IDR 35,000.

I was going to the counter and pay, but I saw the Bourjouis counter and stopped to look for a new blush. I love their blush pots, but it gets hardened in time so the pigments doesn't really appear on my cheeks anymore. 
Just when I was about to choose a new blush, I saw it. Then and there. The foundation that I have been wanting to try. It's. The. Bourjouis Healthy Mix Foundation. Yeaaahhh, babyyy~ Long story short, I got the foundation in 51 Vanille Eclair and the concealer in the same shade. The foundation retails at IDR 235,000 and concealer IDR 115,000.

I also picked the bronzer that is packaged like a chocolate bar. It is the ultimate cuteness!! It retails at IDR 210,000 and the shade is in 51. 
I can use this as a powder all over my face to have that bronze-y glow. Loving this already.
I finally decided to choose a blush duo that also has a highlighter part. I chose the lightest pink because that's the only color that flatters my skintone and does not look as if I have rosacea all over my cheeks. It retails at IDR 145,000.
just click the picture to enlarge it!
Bourjouis products are a bit expensive here in Jakarta because they're imported from UK, but the quality is top notch!

I got Olay TE moisturizer just because my bf loves them so much and they're on sale! ^.^