Thursday, March 10, 2011

Review: NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer

I know I have a holy grail face primer from Smashbox, but that is for my very very oily skin. Right now, I'm having that dry, flaky patches on my cheeks and edges of my nose, so I have to skip the Smashbox as it will accentuate more of my dry patches. 

So, the other day, I found this primer and thought I should give it a try since it's not as drying as the Smashbox primer.  I chose the green tinted primer since I do have redness on my cheeks.
Green tinted primer.
NYX Studio Perfect Primer

Prep face for makeup application by applying studio perfect primer. This soft formula spreads like butter and lays like silk on the face. It protects and creates a smooth and matte finish on the skin to absorb and spread foundation and powder evenly. the finished look is flawless.

Available in 3 shades: clear, lavender to brighten and illuminate yellow undertones, and green to reduce the appearance or red tones. 
  • Clear creates a smooth and balanced finish and reduces the appearance of large pores and fine lines. 
  • Green reduces the appearance of redness on the face. 
  • Lavender brightens and illuminates yellow undertones and sallow looking skin.
Although it contains dimethicone, it certainly isn't as silicone-y as Smashbox.

How I Use It
Looks a lot like wasabi, doesn't it?

I squeeze a pea-sized amount and spread it evenly all over my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. I use more products for areas that have more redness.

Has a small opening at the edge of the tube, making greater control at dispensing product.

What I Like About It
  • It's packaged in a squeeze tube. I can control how much I want to use
  • The price is not so expensive, retailing at IDR 119,000 at ChicPrincessa
  • It doesn't have a significant or terrible scent.
  • The texture is creamy, which provides moisture to my very dehydrated cheeks.
  • Once blended evenly all over my face, it has that silicone-y feel that Smashbox has. I don't mind silicone finishes.
  • It's not drying nor does it accentuate my dry patches
  • It's able to even out my skintone and tone down the redness I have on my cheeks.
What I Hate About It
  • It's not readily available at counter (at least, that's what I think) in Jakarta
  • It doesn't have a great oil control, since my T-zone will be oily after 2 hours.
  • May not be suitable for oily skin since it is quite moisturizing on my cheeks and my cheeks are dry atm.

For my current skin type, I am liking this primer a lot more than the Smashbox. It feels light on my face, but it moisturizes at the same time. The green tint did well for my redness in terms of toning it down. It certainly made my makeup last longer as I tried it underneath my BB cream. 

Final Rating
Availability : 0/1
Price            : 1/1
Packaging   : 2/2
Ingredients : 3/3
Effectivity   : 2/3, oil control is bad.

EIGHT out of ten


  1. Hi Sonia! Well, it looks almost similar to the other ones (clear and lavender), I do wanted to try the rest, I'll let you know once I'll use them. However, I do think they nearly have a similar texture..

    Have your tried Smashbox's?

  2. I might try this out. I've been looking for a primer for awhile now, Hopefully I like it.

  3. I was thinking about trying this primer, but I have oily skin, so not for me at all! Thanks for the review.