Friday, March 18, 2011

Phanie's Faves : Seven to 7 Meat Shop and Cafe

Recently, I have been liking a certain restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk that serves beef cooked in many different ways. They have steaks, shabu-shabu, sandwiches, etc. Also, the variety of beef for steak ranges from Australian, Wagyu, grassfed, etc. So, if you want to indulge in a tender and juicy beef, you can choose Wagyu, but if you want to save up, but still want steaks, the Australian might be an option. However, if you want a healthier option, you can order the shabu-shabu, which offers a choice between Australian or US beef, sirloin or rib-eye. Thinking about it now, makes me droll already. 

The other day, I went there with my bf for dinner. I got the shabu-shabu Rib-eye Australian beef (yeah, not so healthy with the rib-eye choice, there. Oh well.. ^.^) and he got the Australian rib-eye steak cooked medium rare. This is actually our second time eating here, so we kinda got the hang of ordering. Once you enter the restaurant, you'll see a display case of beef varities and you can choose immediately which one you want, then get your seat. You can also get seated then order the meat, whichever way you want. So, here is our dinner that night. 

Oh! If you also get mushroom soup and salad for an additional IDR 50,000.
If you don't want it, that's fine. 

The salad. I don't like salads.
My bf's steak. The dish is served in a simple and clean style. I like that. He had a side of mashed potatoes and two kinds of sauce (mushroom and black pepper). 

This is a 200 grams of Australian Rib-eye steak (if I'm not mistaken). The grill marks are just neat.

The thickness of the steak. That's my bf waiting on the background while I'm taking pics of his food. 

Medium rare, just the way he likes it.
My pot of shabu-shabu broth.

From left-right: garlic and radish, green onions and lime, chili. On the bottom is soy sauce

All fired up and ready to go! ^.^

The shabu-shabu menu comes in a set of 100 g of meat of your choice, 2 tofus, 2 Shitake mushrooms, 2 Cikuwas, 2 crab sticks, enoki mushrooms, pak choy and udon. Also, a bowl of rice!

Thinly sliced meat ready to be dipped into the broth.

My fave mushroom!
That is all we had that night. There were no after pictures since I was too stuffed to take more pics and we are not that into taking pics with each other. The service was top notch for a small restaurant, there is almost always someone at the door to greet you once you enter. The time of the food served is also fast. The waiters and waitresses are friendly and will cater to your every need. You can pay with cash, debit cards or credit cards, so paying is easy. The environment and ambiance of the cafe has a warm and cozy feeling. Kinda feels like home, really. Probably because of the neat and organized interior it has. 

Overall, I really enjoyed dining here and will keep coming back for the steaks and shabu-shabu. Definitely a five star restaurant! 


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