Thursday, February 3, 2011

An Early Valentine's Surprise

You're probably wondering why I am even posting this Valentine's gift in the early February? Well, here's why. Last Saturday, my bf came to my house saying that he wanted to buy HTC Desire HD because he saw so many good reviews on them all over the internet. I was quite surprised hearing that because I wanted to get the same thing because that's just one of my ideal phone. To tell the truth, I was a bit sad that I didn't save up my Christmas money to buy that phone, but, oh well. 

So, off we go to the seller's house to pick up the cell phone. My bf has already purchased an iPod Touch from this seller and I can tell you how recommended he is. He gives out the best prices with a very high quality item! Its originality is also guaranteed because he (the seller) got it himself from Hong Kong (or Taiwan, whatever) and carried it himself here, with a plane obviously, duh *rolls eyes*. Anyway, we went there and picked the cell phone that's still sealed along with a receipt.
Got it!
In the car, while we're driving to Gading, I asked him jokingly about giving the cell phone to me instead and his answer is surprising. He said that it was meant to be my Valentine's gift from him because he knew I've been liking that phone, HTC to be specific, for ages. I couldn't say anything at that moment, but tears starting to run down my cheeks. It was of course tears of joy because I didn't expect that one bit. Long story short, I kinda cried in the car, while he's having a hard time calming me down, lol. So, since I'm excited to have new phone, I'm going to show it to you, sort like a review, since this blog is called product junkie. I guess cell phone counts as a product, meh. 

To begin, the cell phone is packed in a very simple box that slides out from the bottom once the seal is opened. It even has a thumbs up on the packaging itself! 

The seal still intact. Told you the seller was highly recommended.
The packaging slides out quite difficult so I have to pull it out. I thought once the seal has been cut, the insides will slide easily, but it's secure enough.
The phone still covered in plastic film. You can see me, hi~~

What comes with the phone, the usual books and chargers

The chargers and headset are packed in a weird plastic type bag that silky smooth. I like how it feels, also made me reluctant to open the plastic ^.~ but I did to show you what's inside!

The accessories that came with the phone

Since it's my first HTC phone, I don't really know whether all the chargers look like that. It has a cool design though~!

Here is the complete look of the charger. I was thinking of purchasing another outlet because it'll be damn hard to charge if I have to carry extensions everywhere

Another closer look at the phone. It's repetitive, I know. Bear with it.. o.0

The back of the phone. Dual LED flash, an 8 Megapix camera and a speaker. 

The part I like most about the phone. The SIM Card and SD Card slots.

You just slide it down and voila~! I don't have to open the phone's battery to access the sim card slot

The battery slot.

It has a thin plastic film to make it easier to slide out the first time. 

Small and slim battery for the phone. I don't know the specifications of the battery, though.

That is it for my very short and not-so-informative review on the phone, since I only reviewed the physical aspects of the phone, instead of the software. I'll use it for a while before I can actually review the software. The phone runs on Android 2.2 Froyo and that's about it. Write you all later!!


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