Friday, February 18, 2011

Birthday Haul: Etude House (part 1)

This is going to be the massive-est haul I've ever done in my life. Why? Well, here it is. I thought this year will be a present-less year because my birthday doesn't really get celebrated anymore ever since I got into uni, so I figured that I would get my own presents, instead! Plus, it's more reasons to shop, (^.~)v. This birthday post will be divided into parts because it's just gonna be a boring post to read if I combined all of it. So, here goes part one.

Yesterday, I went to Etude House to get my member privileges on my birthday, which is a 50% off all items (except perfumes and accessories). I spend a lot, it's kinda embarrassing to tell you how much it is --".  Here is what I got! Pictures are always the best way to tell a story, right?

Two bags from Etude Haul. My bf was surprised to see this. Sorry, love. o.O

See? Not a lot, right? ^_^

I stocked up on my cleansing water. I've reviewed this product, click HERE

Definitely not going to pass a sunblock with Vitamin C. Even though Vitamin  C dissipates upon light exposure, meh.

It's a squeeze tube, which is always good, hygiene-wise.

I've always been meaning to try this out.

It has SPF 30/PA ++! yeay! 

I thought it wouldn't hurt to try a mascara remover.

Tried it and not loving it. o.O

Bought this for my bf and I. Feels really good after a night shift, I reckon.

I got so super excited over this, only to find it contains talc. boo..

The fairy sitting on top it ultra super cute!

The squeeze tube with a pump dispenser

I'm almost out of this, so I purchased another one.

An eyeshadow palette from their latest line LUCIDarling

Instructions on how to apply them

Such a lovely palette with a bow on the front

Four neutral colors because I rarely use dramatic colors for my eyes
The swatches. It's quite pigmented with shimmers.

Perfume from the eSpoir line

It has butterflies all over the box! ^o^

See? The butterflies are even all over the box~ Totemo kawaiii~~

Even the stopper is a butterfly~~

The biggest butterfly on the bottle

I got this as a gift for purchasing a lot!

It's an eyeshadow in #3 Gold Pudding

It's a glittery gold color. The glitters are huge~
A terrible swatch quality, but it's chunks of glitter gold.
Another gift. It's a lipgloss that looks purple!
Swatch without flash. It only looks purple on the bottle. It has hints of pinks.
Swatch with flash
That's all I got from Etude House and I hope you enjoy reading my haul posts. Comment and follow my blog if you do! 



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