Monday, February 21, 2011

Swatch: Sariayu Martha Tilaar Liquid Lip Colour

Hello, dearies. As you would probably guessed from the title, I will be doing lip swatches in this post from a brand called Martha Tilaar. This is a local brand in Indonesia that has sort-of a back-to-nature kind of feel. They have a couple of branch products under the name Martha Tilaar such as Sariayu, Dewi Sri Spa, Caring Colors, etc. Their products are not that expensive, except their PAC line, which is kinda directed for MUAs, I think. 

I got a few lip products from the Sariayu line to try and each retails at IDR 35,000. I purchased mine at their online store , Martha Tilaar Online Store. The shipping was excellent if you live in Jakarta because it's a one-day shipping! It arrives as soon as you have confirmed your payment! How cool is that?! I was super excited to see a packet on my table when I got home from work. Only thing is I forgot to take pictures of the whole thing and now those products are all over my house. so, here are the liquid lip colors that I love and have been wearing recently.

Basically, Sariayu categorize their collection based on the year and I bought the 2009, 2010 and 2011 collection. I only picked the lip products because I RARELY use eyeshadows and I still have my MAC warm palette which I RARELY use. So, here they are.

The four liquid lip colors from Sariayu

An orange-y peach color

A sheer pink that nearly matches my lip color. This is my favorite from the bunch!!

A combination of red and pink with a slightly more red

A Snow-White red color. You know Snow White, right? No? Then, you know Google, right?

1: Petikan Sitar; 2: Merak Kasmaran; 3: Alun Serunai; 4: Nias. They come with a gloss on the other end, but I skipped this as the color is quite glossy themselves!

They have bold lip colors, Petikan Sitar being one of them, for the 2011 color trend. I like how they apply because they are liquid consistency and how they are very moisturizing on my lips. However, the colors don't really last long on me just because I tend to UNCONSCIOUSLY lick and bite my lips. If you don't have that habit, maybe it'll last longer on you. I hope you find this post helpful and I'll update more on this brand when I have tried their other products. ^.^

P.S: Comment down below if you want me to do a giveaway from this brand for all you readers outside Indonesia. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Birthday Haul: Chic Princessa and The Face Shop (part 2)

Now, to the second part my "self-claimed" massive-est birthday haul. This one is from Chic Princessa, an online store that I have been talking about over and over again. I love to buy Asian skin care and makeup from her. So, without stalling anymore, here they are. Oh, and posing with these items are my polar bear, Chiisana~

Since Dove Heat Protecting Spray is unavailable here, I bought this as a replacement, since it claims to protect from heat and help straighten hair.

It belongs to KAO group

The Golden Ratio highlighter

Just thought I'd give highlighter another chance. Dewy look is in!

A lip scrub and balm in one!

I've been into mascaras lately and thought I should give this a try

A great details on the box

As always, a girlie packaging from Etude House

A swirly brush

Another mascara to try from Canmake

It has lots of fibres for lengthening!!

She was kind enough to send me these samples

Another cream blush from Canmake

It's a peachy pink color

I also purchased the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Pencil in black. I seem to have misplaced it somehow. I'll update the picture later on my blog. More birthday posts to come~ Stay tuned~

Birthday Haul: Etude House (part 1)

This is going to be the massive-est haul I've ever done in my life. Why? Well, here it is. I thought this year will be a present-less year because my birthday doesn't really get celebrated anymore ever since I got into uni, so I figured that I would get my own presents, instead! Plus, it's more reasons to shop, (^.~)v. This birthday post will be divided into parts because it's just gonna be a boring post to read if I combined all of it. So, here goes part one.

Yesterday, I went to Etude House to get my member privileges on my birthday, which is a 50% off all items (except perfumes and accessories). I spend a lot, it's kinda embarrassing to tell you how much it is --".  Here is what I got! Pictures are always the best way to tell a story, right?

Two bags from Etude Haul. My bf was surprised to see this. Sorry, love. o.O

See? Not a lot, right? ^_^

I stocked up on my cleansing water. I've reviewed this product, click HERE

Definitely not going to pass a sunblock with Vitamin C. Even though Vitamin  C dissipates upon light exposure, meh.

It's a squeeze tube, which is always good, hygiene-wise.

I've always been meaning to try this out.

It has SPF 30/PA ++! yeay! 

I thought it wouldn't hurt to try a mascara remover.

Tried it and not loving it. o.O

Bought this for my bf and I. Feels really good after a night shift, I reckon.

I got so super excited over this, only to find it contains talc. boo..

The fairy sitting on top it ultra super cute!

The squeeze tube with a pump dispenser

I'm almost out of this, so I purchased another one.

An eyeshadow palette from their latest line LUCIDarling

Instructions on how to apply them

Such a lovely palette with a bow on the front

Four neutral colors because I rarely use dramatic colors for my eyes
The swatches. It's quite pigmented with shimmers.

Perfume from the eSpoir line

It has butterflies all over the box! ^o^

See? The butterflies are even all over the box~ Totemo kawaiii~~

Even the stopper is a butterfly~~

The biggest butterfly on the bottle

I got this as a gift for purchasing a lot!

It's an eyeshadow in #3 Gold Pudding

It's a glittery gold color. The glitters are huge~
A terrible swatch quality, but it's chunks of glitter gold.
Another gift. It's a lipgloss that looks purple!
Swatch without flash. It only looks purple on the bottle. It has hints of pinks.
Swatch with flash
That's all I got from Etude House and I hope you enjoy reading my haul posts. Comment and follow my blog if you do!