Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Worthy Drugstore Find: Olay Age Defying Series Renewal Lightening Lotion SPF 15

Olay has been one of the best drugstore brands in terms of moisturizers. I have been trying out various drugstore moisturizers starting from L'oreal, Himalaya Herbals, to Ponds. I haven't been in LOVE with Olay's Total Effects because it feels really sticky on my face, but liked Olay White Radiance that I've mentioned in my previous blog posts. 

I was browsing through the alleys in the supermarket at Kelapa Gading Mall when I stumbled on this product. I looked at the packaging because if it was in a jar, I would have to think twice about purchasing it. This product has two textures, lotion and cream (which is, of course, in a jar). I picked the lotion formula because cream formulas tend to break me out. This retails at IDR 90,000 (est.) at Farmer's Market Kelapa Gading Mall. 

I tried it out the next day and applied it before I put on my BB cream and whatnot. I thought it was going to have a greasy finish since my skin type is combination/oily, but it's not. The finish is beautiful, just what I needed, a semi matte finish that feels really light on my face.  It gets absorbed quicker compared to Olay White Radiance.

It has chemical sunscreens to protect from UV rays. However, it doesn't say how much it will protect from UVA rays since the PhotoAging factor is not listed on the product. It has, however, an SPF of 15 (from Titanium Dioxide) which will reflect around 97% of UVB rays. 

This product contains salicylic acid which is beneficial in chemically exfoliating and sloughing off the dead skin cells off of our face. However, it does not state the exact amount of SA in the product, so I don't know about exfoliating as of yet.
To summarize, I think this product is great for people with combination skin type as it hydrates most of the dehydrated part and won't make the T-Zone greasy. I used this for a week and skin is now softer than before. It's like I'm using Clinique's Turn around Concentrate. I think this will go into my favorites this month. 

Final Rating
Availability          : 1/1
Price                     : 1/1
Packaging            : 1/1
Ingredients         : 3/3
Effectiveness      : 3/3

TEN out of ten 


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