Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mini Haul: Rezeki Minimart

Hellooooo, I'm back with another haul, but it's just a mini size one. Since I'm really lazy to write, I'll just show you pictures of them. Yaaaaay~~

I got all this at Rezeki, which is a minimart in my housing complex. It sells Cetaphil as well!!

I'm intrigued to try this since it's only IDR 25,000

It means, a clear rosy face as clear as Afgan's voice on your cell phone. Afgan is a local singer, meh.

In the box, there is a cleanser and cream, which lightens the face.

The texture of the 'cream' is more of a mousse. I think they should consider changing the name to  lightening mousse, instead of cream.

How it looks like spread out

I tried it immediately and used that much amount for my face, which is too much. I think I only need half of that amount. Behind is my polar bear named Snowy ^.~

I also purchased a body scrub from CITRA (a local brand) in Bengkoang scent

It has granules that hurts a little when I overscrubbed :p

How it looks like spread out. See the granules?

I also asked my bestie to get me the new Vivi magz, but  they still don't have the Jan issue. Oh well..
Reason as to why I got ViVi is because I wanted to look for new natural makeup looks and practice my japanese kana reading. 

Oh, and my boyfriend got a Korean ice cream, which is soooooo big...

It's a strawberry latte flavor, but my bf says it only tasted like normal strawberry ice cream. Meh. 


  1. waaahh.. keren banget jual cetaphil juga!
    mereka jual berapa ci cetaphilnya?

  2. iya, trus waktu itu juga mereka jual Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover. aq aja ampe kaget, nanti aq liatin harganya yah.. kayanya sekitar 185an deh..