Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Beauty Treasures : Foundation Collection

I thought it would be a nice post to feature my beauty collection or 'treasures' as I would like to call it. In this post, I will showcase my small collection of foundation, be it liquid or powder. As you will see that I don't have any cream foundation because I don't like the cakey feeling on my face. 

1. Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching Makeup in 220 Light Medium
This is nearly similar to a BB cream because it comes out white, but once blended it turns into the intended shade. It doesn't have much coverage, but I like to use it on days when I'm too lazy to wear foundation or BB cream. I use my fingers to blend because the colors won't turn right when I use a sponge or foundation brush. Weird. Oil control is not superb, but I can always use a blotting film. You can easily find this at Revlon counters at the mall.

2. Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse Makeup in 030 Light SPF 20
I got this when I still my very oil skin and I have to say it has a very good oil control. It dries to a powder finish, which is the one doing the oil control, I guess.  The shade matches my skin perfectly when I'm not in a darker shade. However, I can't use this anymore since my skin has changed to a combination type, due to the retinoic acid I'm currently using. It accentuates the dry patches on the edge of my nose and mouth, so it's targeted for oily skin types. 

3. Revlon Colorstay Makeup with SoftFlex SPF 6 for Combination/Oily Skin in 180 Nude
I purchased this a few days ago at Star Kelapa Gading. It was priced at IDR 110,000 a bottle. I haven't tried it enough to make a review on it, but when I first tried it the shade was a bit lighter. However, if I blend it well and used only little amount, the shade shouldn't be much of a problem.

4. MAC Mineralize Satinfinish in NC 30
I have been wanting to try out MAC products, but they're too expensive. So, I got this at a forum for IDR 150,000 because the shade wasn't right. I immediately went to get it, the shade matches me during my darker days. It blends nicely with a sponge and gives a satin finish as the name implies. Sometimes, it would give me a cakey appearance when I don't blend the foundation well. Oil control is great with this foundation, especially if I set it with my Maybelline dream matte powder.

5. Maybelline Super Stay
My favorite type of foundation but I got the wrong shade, T^T. I usually mix it with my Lunasol foundation to create the perfect shade. It stays all day and doesn't transfer to my clothes! Oil control is so-so. It gives a matte finish, but sometimes might look a bit cakey on me. 

6. Etude House Collagen Moistfull Essence-In Foundation shade #2 Natural Beige
This is by far my favorite foundation!! It's great for people with combination skin because it doesn't make the dry patches enhanced, but it moisturizes enough to make my skin look in between matte and dewy. I have to admit it doesn't have great oil control, but it looks really natural like a second skin! It doesn't last all day though, sad.

7. The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Foundation SPF 25
Again, I got this when I still have oily skin. It's great in covering mild acne scars, looks really natural and has a good oil control. I wouldn't recommend this for people with dry/combination skin because it will make you look patchy. lol. Sounds like a ragged doll, doesn't it?

8. Lunasol Water Cream Foundation in OC01
I am in love with the texture of this foundation, but the shade is way lighter for me now, so I mix it with my Maybelline foundation. Even though it's a cream foundation, it gives a natural finish and feels really lightweight on my face. It evens out my skin tones and conceals some redness and mild acne scars. Although, I would really like it if they packaged it with a pump for the sake of hygiene instead of elegant looking jars. 

9. Paul and Joe Light Cream Foundation S
I just purchased this so I'll do the review later, but initial impression is pretty good. It's a lightweight liquid foundation with a very cute pump packaging. It glides on smoothly applied with a sponge and matches my current skin perfectly!!! So far so good, I hope I didn't just jinxed it.... 

Well, that's my current foundation collection. I hope you enjoy the post. Thank you~


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