Friday, December 31, 2010

Haul: Revlon & Watsons

I did some shopping before the year closes and we move on to 2011. I went to Watsons hoping to get the Revlon under eye concealer, but they ran out of the concealers so I bought something else. 

I've been wanting to have a pencil eyeliner so I figured I'll get Revlon's. I purchased two eyeliners, one in pencil form and the other in a stick type, the one that you rotate and doesn't need to be sharpened. I got the brown shade because I thought it would look more natural.

While I was there I also got the Revlon Colorstay foundation in Medium Beige because the last shade I bought turned to be too light on my face. I got the one in normal/dry skin because my skin has been having dry patches lately even on my cheeks. *sobs*

An eyebrow pencil was also added in my shopping cart because I realized I never really fill in my brows and for a good reason! They're already thick to be filled in, but I thought it would be a good idea to just have one at hand just in case.

I also spotted the Colorburst lippies and got the one in Blush because it's nearly similar to my lip color and can actually conceal some dark spots on my lips, if any. The texture is really smooth and moisturizing, so nice~~

I received a gift from the SA which is a matte eyeshadow single in a pinky peach shade. I can use this as a base or a highlighter. ^_^

While walking over to the cashier, I stumbled on the Garnier eye roller and decided to purchase it. I've tried this earlier this year and feels that it helped reducing my mild under eye circles. Lately, I haven't been getting much sleep so the dark circles are back! T^T The facial foam is a gift with purchase along with the eye roller.

That's all for my haul from Watsons. Hopefully, I will be able to have good experiences with all those products. Before the year ends, I would like to wish you all a very happy new year and all the best wishes throughout the coming year!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Haul: Stationary

Hello, neat stationary lovers!

I forgot to post about my haul the other day I purchased at my local bookstore, Gramedia. It's not on sale or anything, but I just spotted these cuties! I also went to Star Dept Store which is right next to Gramedia and picked up Revlon colorstay and colorburst lippies~~ ^_^

I got the foundation in Nude

Left Crimson, Right Peach

My bf tried sniffing the scent and ended up liking it! I also liked it, so it's a win-win!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Beauty Treasures : Foundation Collection

I thought it would be a nice post to feature my beauty collection or 'treasures' as I would like to call it. In this post, I will showcase my small collection of foundation, be it liquid or powder. As you will see that I don't have any cream foundation because I don't like the cakey feeling on my face. 

1. Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching Makeup in 220 Light Medium
This is nearly similar to a BB cream because it comes out white, but once blended it turns into the intended shade. It doesn't have much coverage, but I like to use it on days when I'm too lazy to wear foundation or BB cream. I use my fingers to blend because the colors won't turn right when I use a sponge or foundation brush. Weird. Oil control is not superb, but I can always use a blotting film. You can easily find this at Revlon counters at the mall.

2. Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse Makeup in 030 Light SPF 20
I got this when I still my very oil skin and I have to say it has a very good oil control. It dries to a powder finish, which is the one doing the oil control, I guess.  The shade matches my skin perfectly when I'm not in a darker shade. However, I can't use this anymore since my skin has changed to a combination type, due to the retinoic acid I'm currently using. It accentuates the dry patches on the edge of my nose and mouth, so it's targeted for oily skin types. 

3. Revlon Colorstay Makeup with SoftFlex SPF 6 for Combination/Oily Skin in 180 Nude
I purchased this a few days ago at Star Kelapa Gading. It was priced at IDR 110,000 a bottle. I haven't tried it enough to make a review on it, but when I first tried it the shade was a bit lighter. However, if I blend it well and used only little amount, the shade shouldn't be much of a problem.

4. MAC Mineralize Satinfinish in NC 30
I have been wanting to try out MAC products, but they're too expensive. So, I got this at a forum for IDR 150,000 because the shade wasn't right. I immediately went to get it, the shade matches me during my darker days. It blends nicely with a sponge and gives a satin finish as the name implies. Sometimes, it would give me a cakey appearance when I don't blend the foundation well. Oil control is great with this foundation, especially if I set it with my Maybelline dream matte powder.

5. Maybelline Super Stay
My favorite type of foundation but I got the wrong shade, T^T. I usually mix it with my Lunasol foundation to create the perfect shade. It stays all day and doesn't transfer to my clothes! Oil control is so-so. It gives a matte finish, but sometimes might look a bit cakey on me. 

6. Etude House Collagen Moistfull Essence-In Foundation shade #2 Natural Beige
This is by far my favorite foundation!! It's great for people with combination skin because it doesn't make the dry patches enhanced, but it moisturizes enough to make my skin look in between matte and dewy. I have to admit it doesn't have great oil control, but it looks really natural like a second skin! It doesn't last all day though, sad.

7. The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Foundation SPF 25
Again, I got this when I still have oily skin. It's great in covering mild acne scars, looks really natural and has a good oil control. I wouldn't recommend this for people with dry/combination skin because it will make you look patchy. lol. Sounds like a ragged doll, doesn't it?

8. Lunasol Water Cream Foundation in OC01
I am in love with the texture of this foundation, but the shade is way lighter for me now, so I mix it with my Maybelline foundation. Even though it's a cream foundation, it gives a natural finish and feels really lightweight on my face. It evens out my skin tones and conceals some redness and mild acne scars. Although, I would really like it if they packaged it with a pump for the sake of hygiene instead of elegant looking jars. 

9. Paul and Joe Light Cream Foundation S
I just purchased this so I'll do the review later, but initial impression is pretty good. It's a lightweight liquid foundation with a very cute pump packaging. It glides on smoothly applied with a sponge and matches my current skin perfectly!!! So far so good, I hope I didn't just jinxed it.... 

Well, that's my current foundation collection. I hope you enjoy the post. Thank you~

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Review: TheFaceShop Herb Day Cleansing Wipes

I stumbled upon this the other day when I was buying a nail polish remover at TFS. I thought I would give this a try since it is on sale for IDR 39,000 (if I’m not mistaken). I have always favored the use of cleansing wipes because it is efficient to carry when travelling.
The larger version
Herb Day Cleansing Wipes
Saturated in the herbal cleansing complex formulated with Botanic extracts and Rosemary extract that purifies the skin, these convenient facial clenasing wipes purify the skin while cleansing it gently.
The travel size packet
Water, dipropylene glycol, SD alcohol 40, aesculus hippocastanum bark extract, saponaria officinalis leaf extract, alchemilla vulgaris extract, salvia officinalis leaf extract, fragrance, methylparaben, rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) extract, EDTA-2NA

How I Use It
I take a sheet and gently wipe it all over my face to remove any traces of makeup or to freshen up.

What I Like About It
·         The packaging is simple with a flap top sticker that adheres strongly to the pack. The material for the packing has a doff finish with flowers and leaves imprinted on it.
·         It removes any residual eyeshadow or eyeliner that I may have previously
·         The sheets are 15 cm x 20 cm, which is quite large and can fit my whole face at once
·         It removes excess oil on my face
·         It leaves my face feeling soft, smooth, fresh and clean
·         It doesn’t break me out

What I Hate About It
·         The price is too high for cleansing wipes alone IDR 39,000 for 20 sheets. I can get IDR 7,500 for 20 sheet from MITU brand
·         It has a strong floral scent that I still can’t get used to
·         It contains SD Alcohol 40 which might be a little drying for the face
·         It can’t easily remove waterproof makeup products.

Final Rating
Availability          : 1/1
Price                      : 0/1
Packaging            : 1/1
Ingredients         : 1.5/3
Effectiveness     : 1.5/3

Five out of ten

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Worthy Drugstore Find : L'oreal UV Perfector

I went to Hypermart the other day and I found an affordable sunscreen by L'oreal.It comes in two shades, a transparent and a purple-tinted shade, which is supposed to brighten the face. I bought the purple-tinted sunscreen because it would really brighten my face during my duller skin days. 

I love that it comes in a squeeze tube with a twist cap. It makes it all the more easier to control the amount of product that's going to be used later. The size of the tube is compact which makes it really travel friendly. Since it has a twist cap, the product won't spill in my bag and make a terrible mess. However, the cap is a bit dodgy sometimes, so it's hard to close.
The product doesn't contain alcohol or oil, so have no worries while using this. It comes with 30 ml product for around IDR 100,000. Although it claims to have anti-oxidants, it doesn't clearly pin point what type of anti-oxidant is included in it. 
The chemical used for sun protection is Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Drometrizole trisiloxane, Titanium Dioxide, Terephthalylidene Dicamphor Sulfonic Acid and Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine. 

As for anti-oxidants, I spotted tocopherol and nymphaea alba extract. I'm not sure about this combination since most of the anti-oxidants evaporate upon sunlight exposure. Meh, I can still use an antioxidant concentrate from Paula's Choice, which is a favorite, by the way.  
It has quite a runny texture, unlike most sunscreens. It blends easily onto my face and neck without leaving a white cast. The product doesn't have any fragrance that bother my nose. After application, my face looks semi-matte, but still has that healthy, radiant glow, not oily.
So, if you're at a drugstore, don't forget to check this product out! Remember, the most important step in preventing aging is to protect your face from the sun's damaging rays. It helps in preventing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles appearing on your face. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review: Skin Food Peach Sake Sun Lotion SPF 32/PA ++

As you all may have know now from my posts that I am an avid user of sunscreen. I can’t go out of the house without being too paranoid that the sun’s rays are going to age my skin or even create sun spots. Even though I have found my favorite sunscreen from Neutrogena, I’m still on the look out for cheaper alternatives. Last month, I was between the peach sake or the tomato line from Skin Food, but I chose the sake option.

Peach Sake Sun Lotion SPF 32/PA ++

This smooth and easy-to-apply sun lotion contains extracts of ‘Sake’, a traditional Japanese rice wine, and peach to keep your skin moist while protecting it from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun.


How I Use It
I shake the bottle of lotion, twist the cap open, then apply a 1.5 cm diameter to my whole face and neck.

What I Like About It
·         It’s available in most Skin Food counters at the mall
·        It’s definitely cheaper if you pre-order or buy it online. I got it for IDR 139,000 (75 mL) at ChicPrincessa
·         The pakaging is a simple twist-off cap, so application will not be messy
·         The texture of the lotion is quite runny and thin
·         It has a decent SPF of 32
·         It doesn’t break me out
·         It doesn’t feel like using a sunscreen, more like a very moisturizing lotion

What I Hate About It
·       It has a strong ‘sake’ fragrance that might offend some people sensitive to scents
·      It is targetted for people with dry skin types. I used this when my skin is oily and it leaves me with a sticky and oilier face. However, since my skin is more of a combination type, this doesn’t give me any problem, currently.

Final Rating
Availability           : 1/1
Price                    : 1/1
Packaging            : 1/1
Ingredients           : 1.5/3
Effectivity             : 3/3
Seven and a half out of ten

Friday, December 3, 2010

Review: Etude House Collagen Moistfull Essence

My oily/acne prone skin has now turn into combination/acne prone skin because I have been using a chemical exfoliator, better known as tretinoin to help me with my acne. The side effects are dryness, which I’m having at the edges of my mouth and nose. Now, having oily skin for 25 years of my life, I didn’t have any skincare/makeup products intended for dry skin type. I would just put on my usual mineral powder and have my dry patches accentuated even more. This annoys me a lot up to the point that I decided to buy a very moisturizing lotion for my incredibly annoying dry skin.

Last month, Etude House is having a sales promotion ‘Buy 1, Get 1’ for all items in the store. I went there and chose the Collagen Moistfull Essence and got the Collagen Moistfull Emulsion.

Etude House Collagen Moistfull Essence
Rich textured essence infused with Ceramide capsules supplies penetrating moisture and collagen to boost complexion elasticity.

[Active Ingredients] Baobab Tree extract and Collagen

How I Use It
I squeeze a pump or two, depending on my skin’s dryness level. I massaged it into my skin and pat it dry with my palm

What I Like About It
  • It comes with a pump
  • The ingredients are all a-okay
  • It has a slight floral scent, which doesn’t seem to bother me at all. I find it a bit relaxing, rather
  • The texture is fluid and gets absorbed easily
  • It gives immediate moisturization to my flaky areas
  • Despite this product being for people with dry skin types, it feels light on my face
  • It doesn’t break me out
What I Hate About It
  • It’s expensive if you purchase it at the counters. I would recommend pre ordering them, instead

Final Rating
Availability : 1/1
Price : 0/1
Packaging : 1/1
Ingredients : 3/3
Effectiveness : 3/3

EIGHT out of ten

New Facebook Page!! Yay!

Greetings, loyal readers of this blog!! 

Hear ye, hear ye! I have decided to make a Facebook page for you non-blogging readers and more of a facebook user. Besides, I thought of hosting a giveaway for this Christmas holiday and it would be easier to see the comments there because sometimes my blog will not allow me to access it. Stupid thing. I will be adding reviews, giveaways, products sale, etc. So, anyway, be sure to go to the Facebook page and click the 'LIKE" button, thanks!! 

To go to the page, just click HERE

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Phanie's Prized Products : November Edition

Hello, my dearies!

I'm really sorry I'm late at posting my 'prized products' of the month, but here it is! 

Olay Total Effects Foaming Cleanser
I have been using this all month for my ‘combination’ skin, I have dry patches on the edges of my nose and mouth. I have a separate review on this HERE.

Daiso Silicone Scrub
I got this at Daiso Artha Gading Mall and used it together with the Olay foaming cleanser to exfoliate the dead skin cells on my face. After using this, I feel an instant boost of freshness and instant brightening.

e.l.f. Studio Line Powder Face Brush
This has been my all time favorite face brush because it is a flat top brush.  I use this to apply my liquid foundation, BB cream and especially mineral powders.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Original
I have tried the one in Blush and loving that so much. However, I then decided to try out the original scent and it was the same love that I felt for the other version. It gives me fluffy and bouncy looking hair even after two days of not washing my hair.

Citra Lasting White Extra
This is a local brand for body lotions that helps in moisturizing my extra dry arms. It smells really nice and floral, but the most important part is the price is cheap as it is a drugstore brand. The size is also compact which makes it easier to carry around in my bag.

Paula’s Choice 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Lotion
I have been busy this month and haven’t had a chance to go for a facial session to get my blackheads extracted. Therefore, I have been breaking out like crazy because they’re stuck there in my pores. This helped me control those yellow, little pus-filled creatures we all know as acne because it contains 2% salicylic acid which is good news for our skin and bad news for acne.

Etude House Collagen Moistfull Emulsion
Lately, my skin has not as oily as they used to be because I’m using Tretinoin as a night cream which has side effects of dryness. I decided to pick this up because it contains collagen which makes a better moisturizer for people with dry skin types. I am in love with this emulsion because the ingredients are safe and it’s not as heavy as other emulsions targetted for dry skin. I use this for my combination/oily/acne prone skin and actually seen a difference in reduction of acne.

Etude House Collagen Moistfull Esscence
Since Etude House had a sale promotion for ‘Buy 1, Get 1’ items, I picked the essence and got the emulsion. The essence is extremely helpful when my skin is having a very bad day of flaking everywhere. This does not have a sticky feeling after it has been absorbed into my skin. This has also helped me reduce my acne occurrence.

Skin Food Peach Sake Sun Lotion SPF 32/PA++
The best sunscreen of the month as it doesn’t have that sunscreen smell and thick texture. It is very fluid, smells like peach and leaves a natural finish on my face. It’s not as matte nor dewy, but just right in between.

O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Malaysian Mist
I have been into nudes lately, but this has been my favorite this month. It’s not too beige nude, but gives a slight peachy pink color to my nails.

GNC Women’s Hair, Skin & Nails Formula
I am not quite fond of vegetables and fruits, so I decided to consume supplements that will helps in maintaining and fulfilling the recommended daily intake of each vitamin and minerals.
Etude House Cleansing Dream Fresh Cleansing Water
As I have started working this month, often times I found myself too tired to even wash my face at night. I know it’s important to always have a clean and moisturized face before you sleep, but come on, haven’t you had one of those days? I love this because it does the cleaning job excellently and also act as a toner. I limit myself to only washing my face twice a day, so when I’m feeling icky and dirty at six p.m., this is the product that I always reach for to cleanse my whole face.

SKIN79 The Prestige Diamond or L’egere White Multi BB
These two are the ones I reach for every day this month. If I wanted a brighter and matte looking face, I will use the SKIN79. If I wanted to have a brighter and dewy looking complexion, L’egere is the one I will be using.

Nivea Essentials Lip Balm
A drugstore worthy lip balm that helps to hydrate my lips. I use this every night after I finished applying my night moisturizer.  Since I am sleeping in an air-conditioned room, it’s best to maintain the moisture in my skin and lips.