Sunday, November 7, 2010

Review: My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask

How are you doing, sheet mask fans?

Today, I'm going to review one of my favorite brand of sheet masks, My Beauty Diary. It is a Taiwanese product that sells sheet masks for various skin types. They have a regular line and a premium line, tried it both and love them!

My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask

I cleansed my face and fit the mask on my face. Leave it for 15 minutes, remove mask, and massage residual essence to my skin. I use it twice a week, depending on my skin condition.

What I Like About It
  • It cost IDR 12,000.
  • Packaging is cute and safe.
  • The sheet mask are quite durable because I stretched it too hard one day and it didn't tear.
  • The ingredients list are quite remarkable since the fifth ingredient is aloe vera. We all know what aloe vera does to the skin, right?
  • There is a sheet of plastic film in between the mask which makes it easier to apply the mask on my face. It doesn't get all crumpled that usually confuses me as to which one is the upper and lower part.
  •  The mask has a hint of apple scent, but it's not that offensive.
  • It really does a great job at moisturizing my face.

What I Hate About It
  • I don't feel any firming effect on my face.
  • My pores stayed the same. Still visible as they always have been.
  • There is a lemon extract on the ingredients list, which is known as an irritant. 

Currently, I don't have the picture of the mask, but it's just like an ordinary sheet mask.With all the white colored, ghostly looking appearance when used on my face. 
Final Rating
Availability: You can easily find this online; ChicPrincessa & Cupcalicious has them. 2/2
Packaging: Individually wrapped sheet masks that are not too large that it will take up space. 2/2
Price: Compared to TFS & Etude House sheet masks, these are cheaper. 2/2
Ingredients: Wished it doesn't have that lemon extract, but I'm just using it 1-2x/week. 1/2
Effectiveness: It doesn't bring instant results to pores and firming the face. Probably should use it more to evaluate it. So far 0/2 

SEVEN out of ten


  1. is it safe for very sensitive skin? cause i'm little trauma after use one of TFS mask.'Cause it's make my skin irritation :( and the redness gone for three days T.T

    1. Hi! I'm not really sure if this will suit very sensitive skin.. It kinda depends on ur skin type, I can't use TFS masks too.. they broke me out :(

  2. This is one of my favorite masks! Hmm, I always considered myself as someone with sensitive skin but this one has never caused me any trouble.... I used to mix a little lemon with my yogurt masks back in the day as well, but everyone's skin is so different ^_^ If you have sensitive skin, try the Silk Whitia Soy Milk! That one is so nice~

  3. Elle, I've tried the Silk Whiti whitening one, but haven't tried the Soy Milk. Thanks for the suggestion~