Monday, November 1, 2010

Phanie's Prized Products: October Edition

Before I begin the October favorites post, I just would like to say that there might not be many products that are skin care/makeup related because I haven't really changed both routines that much. Let's start. These are not in particular order, I just went along and typed everything out.

I've been using this for around 3 months actually, but I forgot to include it in my previous favorites post. This lotion is equipped with sunscreen and doesn't have a greasy finish as it is lightweight once blended. It's highly recommended for people with very dry to dry skin as it has colloidal oatmeal which helps locks in moisture and repair the skin's dry, scaly appearance. Also, with sunscreen, it's perfect for everyday use and helps in protecting my hands from sun damage which might lead to premature wrinkles.

They're great for removing makeup especially when I'm on the go. Check out the review!

3. SKIN79 Diamond Prestige BB
This is the go-to product for those lazy days when I don't want to use any foundation. This has sunscreen in it and has a great oil control throughout the day. It's easy to blend and gives a natural, satin finish, instead of a total matte. It doesn't give a white cast, which other BB cream tend to do. 

4. Lock n Lock Sports Water Bottle 700 mL
Yes, this isn't a beauty-related product, but this is my favorite water bottle this month. It doesn't drip, affordable, fits into my bag, and doesn't leave a watery mess when inside a bag. It also made it easy for me to measure how much water I have consumed. It has a perfect grip as it has ridges, making it easy to hold. Also, it maintains cold water for 12 hours if you constantly open the top, but 24 hours if you don't mess with the top. I tried putting ice cube inside and leave it unopened for 24 hours. The result is amazing since the ice cube is still there!

5. Candle-lite in Soft Cotton Blanket
It's my first time using a scented candle because I usually use an aromatherapy diffuser. With the essential oils and stuff. I love using this because it's easy and smells wonderful. I got this at ACE Hardware Mal Artha Gading at an affordable price. The smell is a soft sweet smell of your freshly cleaned linens.

I have a separate review on this if you would just click on the link above.

Again, I also have a review on this product. Just click on the link above.

8. Super Paper Mario Wii
I love Mario Bros. ever since I was little. I used to play this game with my mom before she hogs the NES to play the never-ending game of Tetris. Urgh, I hate it when she did that. Anyway, my eternal love for Mario Bros. started to have sparks again when I played this game. It's an RPG game where you have to stop the villain from destroying every world in the Mario universe. I haven't finished it yet, because then I would have nothing else to plaaayy...

9. Kickstarts by Example
I know it's weird for me to include my fave song of the month, but I have no more beauty related products. I love how it gives a good spirit in the morning. 
10. Mitu Baby Powder
I have been trying my hardest not to wash my hair every day and this saves my hair from being greasy in-between washes. I just use it on my scalp, let it sit for 3 minutes, brush out any residual powder and walk out the door. It eliminates any excess oil sitting on top of my scalp and gives a clean looking hair. 


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