Monday, October 4, 2010

Review: My Beauty Diary Intensive Refining Eye Mask

Yesterday, I tried out the eye mask from My Beauty Diary, which is my favorite sheet masks brand as of now. I bought it at CUPCALICIOUS a few week ago without even knowing what this eye mask does. I looked at their website and found the benefits.

Since I have free time to spend, I cleansed my face and tore open the package. The shapes of the mask is unique as it is shaped like a crab's 'claw'. Unlike other eye masks that is only applied on the under eye area, this covers the eye lids as well. 

How I Use It
Here is a detailed picture on how I look like wearing the mask. 

What I Like About It
  • The price is still affordable for me IDR 16,000
  • The packaging is easy to open
  • The essence on the mask is plenty 
  • Applying on eyes is easy
  • It moisturizes my under eye circle decently
  • My outer V feels firmer after using it
  • It doesn't sting my eyes

What I Hate About It
  • The part covering the eyelids move quite a lot
  • There should have been a plastic between each mask, making them easier to separate

As for the puffiness  and dark under eye circles reduction, I haven't seen any changes. Probably because it has only been one time use, but currently I like how this mask gives an instant firming on my outer V eye area.

Final Rating
EIGHT out of ten 

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  1. Thank you for this amazing review!(:
    It helped me a lot!:D