'Bring Back Our Bottle' Program From The Body Shop

  • Wednesday, October 06, 2010
  • By Stephanie Nangoi

The other day when I went to The Body Shop, the sales assistant told me a program called 'Bring Back Our Bottle'. It is a 'go green' effort from The Body Shop to reduce, recycle and reuse the bottles that we have finished to make a new product. At least, that's what I understand from what the sales assistant talked about. 

The program has started from 5th April this year and if you bring back 25 bottles, they'll give you one tote bag that says 'GREEN is not a color. It's a state of mind' on the front. So, obviously as I got home I started to look for empty bottles from TBS and ended up with only 5 of them. I have tons of TBS products, but once I'm finished with it, I immediately threw it away. Clumsy me. Well, I'm gonna store them from now on once I'm done with them. 

However, if you want to buy the bag, you can, but it'll cost IDR 49,000.

Here are my empty bottles to be traded

The details of the program. Sorry it was in Indonesian because it's a program from TBS Indonesia.
Botol-botol bekas yang terkumpul akan kami serahkan kepada Yayasan Buddha Tzu Chi Indonesia yang kemudian akan memilah botol-botol tersebut di Depot Daur Ulang mereka dengan bantuan para relawan. Botol yang telah dipilah kemudian akan dijual ke pabrik pengolahan plastik daur ulang. 
Hasil penjualan botol bekas oleh Yayasan Buddha Tzu Chi Indonesia akan dimanfaatkan untuk sejumlah kegiatan sosial, antara lain dana bantuan bagi kaum miskin, pertolongan bencana, perlindungan kesehatan, dan berbagai misi budaya dan pendidikan (www.tzuchi.or.id). Motto gerakan ini adalah "Mengubah Sampah menjadi Emas, Emas menjadi Cinta Kasih”. Melalui program ini The Body Shop Indonesia dapat mengurangi sampah yang dibuang ke TPA dan pelanggan pun berkesempatan untuk mendukung tujuan-tujuan mulia ini.

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