Thursday, October 28, 2010

Accesories Haul from Silver Leica

You may have heard me talking about an accessory online shop called Brisingamen Accesoire where I purchased the LV pattern flower necklace from my previous posts. Now, a new online store with a concept of "Sweet handmade decorations and accesories" is here by the name of Silver Leica. It is affiliated with Brisingame Accesoire being the little sister online store. The products they offered is all about chic, sweet and cute as the decorations are mostly candies, chocolates, and cakes. Also, marshmallows are included. I bought three necklaces yesterday simply because they are cute. The following pictures will prove the cuteness of these necklaces.

Bubble wraps around the product.
Each necklace is neatly wrapped and stored inside a zip lock bag.
Marshmallow and Lollipop necklace. Cute!!
Macaroon and pearls necklace. The macaroon is sturdy and solid, instead of empty. It's a good thing, btw.
By far, my favorite necklace. It symbolizes the one cake I can't make.
Another marshmallow necklace, but sort off a double necklace.
Close up on the marshmallow. *LOVE!*

That's all I got for this order, but I'm pretty sure that I will order again when she has more necklaces and cute desserts on it. I'm gonna tag her in this note so you can click on the "Tagged" section located on the upper left, jut below my profile picture. The necklaces are all affordable, most of them are under IDR 100,000, but the quality is guaranteed. The candies decorations are actually squishy! Just like a real marshmallow, but don't squish it too hard, it'll break. It is, after all, still a decoration, not meant to be squished all day long. 

So, be sure to go to to see more of her products there!


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