Sunday, September 12, 2010

Review: L'oreal Paris White Perfect Anti Dullness Scrub

Good morning and good Sunday to you, fellow bloggers and loyal readers! *Who the hell am I talking to?* Never mind. Today, I feel so fresh even though I only slept for 6 hours, weird. I just fed Shiro and I think she was still sleepy because after eating her meal, she went back to sleep, ignoring my invitations of playing with her. Well, who would've guessed she wants to spend her Sunday lazily all day in the back terrace? Oh, right, the review. This is one of my August favorites!

To begin your daily whitening routine with a perfect cleansed skin, L'oreal present:

L'oreal Paris 
White Perfect 
Anti Dullness Scrub

-Cleanses skin perfectly from impurities:
WHITE PERFECT Anti-dullness Scrub unclogs pores and clears them from dirt and impurities.
-Contributes to a complete Brightening effectiveness:
The Exfoliating Beads gently massage the skin, which washes away excess sebum at skin's surface and helps to remove dull dead cells to reveal a more radiant complexion.

- Instantly cleaned from impurities, your skin is perfectly prepared for the whitening care.
- Smoother and more radiant, your skin looks brighter and reflects the light with its natural beauty.
- Day after day, pores are visibly minimised and the skin texture is refined.


How I use it
I squeeze a 2 cm long product on my fingertips, spread evenly on my face, massage for a minute and rinse. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to exfoliate *rolls eyes*

What I like about it
  • It's readily available in most drugstores/supermarket
  • The price is very affordable. Mine cost IDR 30,000 (est)
  • Packaging is very sleek with the white colour and blue fonts. It appears very sharp (as in smart).
  • Lathers really well
  • The microbeads are very gentle that it doesn't scratch or irritate my face. Sometimes with a natural exfoliator (apricot, walnut shells, etc), the beads tend to be rougher and not uniformly similar that it might irritate my face.
  • This doesn't break me out
  • Takes away the flaky, patchy dry skin that I sometimes have
  • My face feels revived and brighter every time I use this in the morning. 

What I hate about it
  • There is a slight scent to it. Wished it is fragrance free.

Overall, I am pleased with this product from L'oreal. It's one of my first L'oreal products and was happy to report that this helps my face looking brighter every morning. I rate this product 9/10.

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